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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Season 1 Episode 3, The Young and the Ratchet

joseline, love and hip hop, atlantaThis week on the Young and the Ratchet, the episode picks up where last week’s ended…

Wait, let me talk a minute about the ratchet ass shit that went down at a viewing party last night with Mz Hoseline Hernandez. Apparently, ol’ girl was confronted, and attacked, by a fan of the show. As of now, details are sketchy, but the general consensus is that the woman wanted to know why Joseline had an abortion, and that is what started the altercation. Some people say that Joseline just brushed her off, and that was the ultimate sign of disrespect. Others say that Joseline pushed the attacker first. There are conflicting reports on whether or not Joseline was hit with a bottle. The attacker’s friend says that that’s not true. Until a police report surfaces, and/or pictures of Joseline’s injuries are posted, it is going to be hard to tell who is telling the truth.

Now, part of me feels that Joseline got what a lot of people thought she would get at some point. I didn’t think it would be over her getting an abortion, however. I mean, fa real? In case some of you have forgotten, abortions are legal in this country. Now, the GOP is trying to change that, along with taking away y’alls birth control (your asses better vote in November!) but, as of now, it is still legal. It is no one’s place to tell any woman what she HAS to do with her body. Period. If women were walking around trying to regulate men’s sperm, people would have a problem with that, but trying to regulate a woman’s uterus is fair game? Hell nah! But, I digress.

Since I don’t know the actual facts of what happened, it’s hard to give my opinion on it. If it’s true that old girl was salty for being brushed off, she needs to have several seats. What kind of pre-k, elementary school bullshit is that? I can’t stand Joseline, but far be it for me to cosign unprovoked and/or escalated violence (from fistfight to cracking bottles over ones head). The attacker needs to be locked up. Again, that’s IF, she hit her with a bottle.

Now that that is out of the way, it is time to move on to this week’s episode. It starts with Stevie J and Joseline, still in the studio, discussing who impregnated her. I cannot tell if Stevie is trying to play off the, “I ain’t fucking this ho,” angle for the camera, or if he is just a dick. I am going with the dick thing. This dude couldn’t find the highroad if Dora and Boots themselves gave him their map. Eventually, he drops the act and tries to play semantics with her on when she would have conceived the child. “If we had been sleeping together for 6 months, my kid would be bigger than that.” What? Does this man not know how reproduction works? Don’t he have at least four kids by now? Lawd. In confessionals, Joseline is saying, “Believe it or not, I am very stingy with my kutty cat.” Child, please.

Joseline tells Stevie that she is going to bring him the 50% paperwork and he ain’t going to have no money left. Ultimately, she lost that card when she had the fetus aborted. I can’t think of many people who are less fit to be a parent, so there are bright sides. My suspicion is that this wasn’t her first terminated pregnancy, and probably won’t be the last. Stevie doesn’t like that she is threatening to make him pay for his offspring, I mean the NERVE, and he tells her that she ain’t getting shit. He gets up and grabs his dick and says a bunch of ignorant bullshit. His mama must be so proud.

K Michlle goes to meet her record producer, B. Cox, to discuss organizing a local showcase to, uh…. showcase her talent. She is, again, talking about her time at Jive records and how they squandered her budget, and that she was out of her mind, and people were running away and locking their doors because they were scared of her. OK, we get it. Things, at Jive Records, were fucked up. Let’s move on now, because the more you talk the less I believe you.

Lil Scrappy goes to visit Momma Dee to let her know that he has found a new place. Again, they talk about Erica and her lack of affection and Momma Dee says she rather her son ho around to get the “affection” he needs than stay with woman who wouldn’t give him the one thing he asks for. I’m sure Erica is worried about Scrappy giving HER the one thing that SHE is asking for – you know, being faithful, but we see how things work in Momma Dee’s world. Any woman her son gets with must cater to him, period. This is why Scrappy will always be a little boy. That’s just not a lesson you teach ANY man. I mean, he can’t even handle the responsibility of hiring movers to move HIS shit. And mama, right there, offering to do it for him with a big grin on her face. SMDH. I do like Lil Scrappy’s personality though, so I at least understand why a female will be attracted to him. I will never get it with Stevie J.

Rasheeda, Love and Hip Hop, AtlantaRasheeda and Kirk meet up to talk about her being late to the shoot. I am not feeling Rasheeda’s attitude on this one. Yes, I get that you have a lot of responsibilities, and it’s tough juggling it all, but you cannot use not getting your way as an excuse to drag your feet. She wanted four dancers, but she only got two. In her mind, she was being short changed so she would “get there when she get there.” She also seems to think that being late two hours only set their budget back $300-400. Kirk informs her that it set them back a few thousand dollars. I am rooting for Rasheeda, DESPITE the fact that I don’t like her music, but she really needs to pull it together. I’ve seen a lot of immaturity out of her the last couple of episodes. Kirk tells her that she isn’t being smart about the business because she has an attitude. He also says that what she is looking for is something that she would get as an artist with a major label. Rasheeda is totally against going the major labor route because they are really just glorified pimps. They use their artists up for every dime they can drain out of them, and unless the artist is able to negotiate a contract in their favor, ie, owning their masters, it doesn’t tend to pan out well for them.  But, again, if you want to go the independent route, you need to have the attitude and mentality to do it successfully. I am not seeing that in Rasheeda right now. Kirk also tells her that it’s difficult to be in business mode with her as his husband. They need to just go on and hire someone else.

Erica is earning her spot on the show by setting up a nice, romantic evening for Scrappy, even though we know she really don’t want his ass. Her bedroom is a fire hazard, with dozens of lighted candles lining the walls, rose petals scattered across the floor, and chocolate covered scrawberries. She has pullt on some sexy lingaree, and got the oils out for a nice massage. I cannot wait to see Scrappy return the “affection” and set up something similar for Erica down the line! Maybe he’ll get to that after he’s done rubbing Buckey bikini-clad body down! So in the midst of a foot and back massage, Scrappy decides that this is the perfect time to let Erica know that he has found a spot and is moving out. Thanks for killing the mood! I must say, Scrappy has some breautiful feet! He had to have had a pedicure beforehand, however, because I just don’t believe any man keep their feet that pretty on their own. Besides, we know that this show just ain’t that spontaneous.

The ladies get together to support K. Michelle at her showcase. Despite the sparkly fuzzy sleeves, I thought K. Michelle looked somewhat dressed down, but maybe that’s how they do at showcases. She sings her new song, “Bury My Heart,” and she is doing that shout-singing thing that tone-deaf people confuse for belting. Otherwise, she sounds as good as, or better than, most of the artists getting R & B contracts these days, and that “Bury My Heart” song is growing on me. I know I’ve heard that melody before, who is she sampling?

K. Michelle, on the showcase: “I left the haters with their faces on the floor, I left my family excited and my friends overjoyed. A star was born.”

OK, then.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Karlie Redd would not get any airtime if it wasn’t for her stirring up shit. Where is her music? What projects is she working on? Where are her meetings with music execs?  Can you please get your own business, Karlie Redd? I can’t stand that ho. Anyway, she points to some chick in the audience and tells Mimi, “That’s the girl who said she fucked Stevie.”  Mimi, again, is looking like a fool, and when Stevie J comes over there to get a kiss, she tells him that she don’t want to kiss him. This is when Stevie turns into a little bitch and starts to demand that she give him a kiss.

Stevie: “What do you mean you are going to call when you are done?” “You going to show out?” “Gimme a kiss. Gimme a kiss.”

Dude, do you hear yourself?

Erica is thoroughly amused by the entire situation. She says that she didn’t know that Stevie was Mimi’s man/baby daddy, so she didn’t get why he was acting like that. For people who live in the same city, and who are filming a reality show together, they sure as hell don’t seem to know a lot about each other. Anyway, since Stevie is really just a woman with a big dick, he decides to step to her and starts to go off on her, calling her a bitch. Erica doesn’t back down, however, and tells him that she is not intimidated by him. As Stevie walks off, he calls her a, “disrespectful slut monkey.” Really? And what have you done to earn respect, Stevie J? What I like is how Mimi just sat there like a fucking lump on a log. She didn’t try to get him to stop or call him out on his bitchassedness. She just sat there looking like she is completely disconnected from the situation. Someone may want to check to see if she is on something, for reals.

Sidebar: On the Twitter last night, Mimi had this to say,“Doing the show was a blessing and a curse. Id still be in the dark and clueless had I not done it. The downside is dealing with the trurh (sic). It hurts to find out the man u loved so much was capable of doing the most but I’ve been given the gift of clarity. My new beginning begins. My only wish is for my daughter to learn from my mistakes and know her worth and never experience what I’ve been thru. I love her sooo much. But at the end of the day a very dysfunctional relationship produced the most pure love Ive ever experienced. My daughter. So no regrets.” 

The next day, Mimi and Stevie meet up in some parking lot to discuss the previous night’s altercation. Mimi says that Stevie had a bunch to say when they got home, but she locked him out of the bedroom. Do you believe her? I don’t believe her. She asks him why she went off on Erica and he said, just like the bitch that he is, that he just felt like going off on everyone. WTF, were you having PMS? To his credit, he does acknowledge that he was wrong and says that he wants to speak with Erica and apologize. They then start to talk about the latest chick that the Town Crier, Karlie Redd, said that he smashed. Stevie wants to know how many times they are going to go through this he-said, she said shit. Um, as long as you are fucking other women?  First, he says that there is no truth to it, then, he says that he has seen her in the studio once or twice, finally he says he doesn’t remember. Then he starts back at one – “But, I didn’t fuck that broad!”  “I can’t recall.” “I didn’t take that down!” “Can we just get passed it?” He also implies that the woman isn’t hot enough for him to sleep with. LOL. Mimi, again proving how naive she is, says that she doesn’t know of any women who runs around claiming to sleep with men that they didn’t sleep with. She tells him that he needs to check his bitches because they ain’t running shit. Stevie: “This your thing, baby.” Mimi: “You got to stop this bullshit, because I can’t take much more.” ::rolleyes::

Joseline meets with her next-door neighbor, who happens to be her “best friend,” to tell him that she is pregnant. Someone should have sat him down with an acting coach to better perfect his reaction. I thought I was watching Single Ladies for a minute. #Shade Ruben (her neighbor) wants to know if Joseline loves Stevie, and she says that she does. She has that love women get for a man who takes them out of the strip club, or off the track. He gave her an opportunity, and if it wasn’t for him, she would still be stripping. She says that she was one of six kids and that her mother did drugs for 25 years. She ran away at 12 years old and that she is just glad she ended up in a strip club and not dead.

Sidebar:  It’s clear that Stevie manipulates her by threatening to throw her back into that lifestyle, and honestly, I do feel bad for Joseline in that regard. My thing is, and always will be, that you can’t let your past dictate the way that you treat other people. It’s horrible that she has had to live the life that she has led, but it’s not the fault of the world, it’s the fault of her parents.  

At the end of the conversation, it’s obvious that Joseline has decided to have an abortion. She tells her friend that she is just going to do what she has to do.

Scrappy got two little boxes on his bed that he is filling up with clothes to take to his new spot. Erica tells him that she has been keeping something from him, because she didn’t know how he was going to take it.

It went a little something like…

Erica: “I met Stevie J.”

Scrappy: “I heard a lot about him.”

Erica: “Well, he came over to the table and demanded that Mimi give him a kiss.”

Scrappy: “She wouldn’t give him no kiss?”

Erica: “Nope.”

Scrappy: “She wouldn’t kiss him?”

Erica: “Nope.”

Scrappy: “Why wouldn’t she give him a kiss?”

Damn, Scrappy, can she tell the story?

Erica: “He called me a bitch.”

Scrappy: “What? Did he know you before this?” (What difference does that make?)

Erica: “Nope.”

Scrappy: “ Shawty, hell naw! We gon get a apology. Shawty. We gon get more than that, Shawty. You feel me? But… you know, I’m on probation right?”

OK, that is not at all verbatim, but mostly how I remember the conversation!

K. Michelle goes to Ariane’s place to get her “true opinion,” on what she thought of the showcase. What else is she going to say other than you did well? The real purpose of the visit is to discuss Karlie Redd’s messy ass. The night of the showcase, Karlie went up to K. Michelle’s producer and told him that he was messing with the wrong artist.

K. Michelle, in confessionals: “The last time I checked, no one is throwing out record deals to 50-year-old artists who don’t even have a Wikipedia page. Walking around here with a deflated ass cheek, she needs to deal with that shit first!” BITCH, YOU AINT’ GOT NO WIKIPEDIA PAGE?

 K. Michelle goes to meet with Jeff Robinson, who is a music manager who has worked with everyone from Tyrese to Alicia Keys.  She wants to know what she needs to move forward and Jeff is straight with her. He tells her that one of Jive Records former employees came to his office and told him that she was crazier than a bag of hammers. (Just how crazy IS a bag of hammers?) He tells her that her record deal was her opportunity to build something and, to the world, it looks as if she failed. KM says that it’s not fair and starts to cry and shit, whatever. She says that she messed up and should have kept her Hot Pocket closed. Jeff just wants her to understand how it happened and to learn from it. She tells him that she needs him to manage her. He says that she can always ask him for advice, but he has to keep it real. If they are going to work together, she has to take responsibility for herself and her brand. Girl, he does not want to work with you.

The show wraps up with the Mimi/Stevie/Joseline drama, as usual.

Joseline invites Mimi to meet her so she can tell her that she’s pregnant with Stevie’s baby. Getting straight to the point, Joseline tells Mimi that that time back in December, when Stevie stop coming home (a period of 3 months) it’s because he was with her. Joseline: “I know who baby I have in my stomach, and you know, too.” In confessionals, Mimi says that she is disgusted, but she’s not going to lose her cool because that’s what Joseline wanted. She tells Joseline that she knows what she is dealing with when it comes to Stevie, and… wait for it… “I am not fool.” ::sideeye:: ::smirk::

Mimi: “As far as you are concerned, you are a stripper. Do you even know who you are pregnant by?

Joseline: “I’m pregnant by your man.”

Mimi: “He pulled you out of the strip club.”

::Joseline gets a text::

Joseline: “This him texting me right now.”

Mimi: “Tell him to come up here.”

::Stevie walks in two seconds later:: (I mean, come on, you know he was on standby.)

Stevie: “What you letting her know?”

Mimi: “She tells me she’s pregnant by you.”

Stevie: “Is that what she said?”

::Stevie pulls pregnancy test out of pocket:: (The FUCK?)

Mimi (in confessionals): Who the fuck carries around the next chicks pregnancy test in their pocket?

Mimi: “When was the last time y’all fucked?”

Joseline:  “5 days ago.”

Stevie: “A month ago.”

Mimi: “If it was a month ago, it could be your baby.”

Mimi (in confessional): “You’re sloppy. You fucked this bitch raw, and then you want to come home and lay down with me?” Yea, you simple broad, that’s exactly what he wants to do and that’s what you ALLOW him to do.

::Mimi gets up::

Mimi: “Good luck with your baby.”

Stevie: “Where you going?”

Stevie says that she, er I mean, HE, is glad that she left because this was a conversation that he and Joseline needed to have first. You know, to get their stories straight.

The rest of the segment just devolves into them yelling at each other, Joseline throwing drinks, and pushing. Stevie pulls that, “I own you shit,” and tells her that he has papers on her for the rest of her life and that he is going to send her back to the strip club and that he gave her life. Blah blah blah.

Joseline, “I tire of you controlling me.”

Joseline says that Stevie always threatens to send her back to the strip club when he gets mad at her, but he can’t send her back to the strip club because she’s not going back. She calls Stevie a fucking piece of shit and he tells her to watch her mouth. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore, and he said that she will never be finished talking to him and to understand that and to watch how she speaks to him.

Stevie: “You look nice by the way.”

Seriously? Bitches fall for this bullshit? I bet he got hoes, right now, lining up to fuck him and be treated like a piece of dog shit. Ugh.

Next week’s episode shows the confrontation between Scrappy and Stevie, and I can’t wait. I want to see if Stevie is as quick to step to men as he is to step to women. I somehow doubt it…

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Love and Hip-Hop, Season 1 Episode 2 Review & Recap

Love and Hip Hop Review – Season 1, Episode 2

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BEWARE: Profanity below. Be sure to check out my Love and Hip Hop, Week in Drama.

So, “the day following” the dustup at the club with Stevie J and Josheline, Ariane and Mimi are talking about the events that unfolded. Ariane wants to know how Mimi feels. “I am hurt. I am Pissed Off. I am embarrassed. I am disgusted.” (Waits for Momma Dee to pop out and say, “And, in THAT order!” Hood for dayz….) Ariane thinks that Mimi is “addicted to” Stevie, and she is willing to do all she can to break Mimi of that addiction. This is the second episode where she is mentioning Stevie’s dick, and in case you missed it, Stevie released pics of his dick – right along with RhiannaMan releasing pics of herself naked and a video of her rubbing one out. Seriously, watch at your own risk. Mimi is still going on and on about how she and Stevie have a kid together and it disturbs me that she does not realize that she is setting her daughter up to think that it is OK to accept a man treating you like pure doo-doo, all in the name of love. At the end of this segment, she “appears” to be unable answer whether or not she is going to leave Stevie.

This week, we are introduced to Rasheeda. She is a female, underground hip-hop entertainer. She has been married for 12 years to her husband, Kirk, and they have an 11-year-old named Kai, together. Rasheeda has 4 step childrens. That’s a lot! She has been signed to both Motown and Jive record, but they never understood her as an artist, so that shit didn’t work out. She went independent. We see inner cuts of her in some video with Kandi. (Full disclosure: I don’t listen to hip-hop music, nor do I watch videos, so I have not one clue who anyone is on this show.  From what I understand, most of them are not even well known to people who do follow hip-hop, so I guess they haven’t made much of a mark in the industry; or, they simply are no longer relevant.)

Kirk and Rasheeda are at their lovely home, in the kitchen, discussing what song Rasheeda will release first from her upcoming album. Besides being her husband, Kirk is also her manager. He has loads of confidence in his woman and her capabilities, which is awesome. They are debating between two songs, “Legs to the Moon” and “Marry Me.” I have to agree with Rasheeda that “Legs to the Moon” is more intriguing, going by the title alone, but her husband believes that “Marry Me” should be released first; and, since Rasheeda has not made the best decisions about such matters in the past, she probably should listen to her husband this time. So, “Marry Me,” it is.

Karlie Redd decides to pay a visit to Stevie J’s studio to see if he is cool with her ratting him out to his woman. In the real world, ie, not on a “reality” TV show, that would be a done deal. How will it pan out on Love & Hip-Hop? Well, we will have to wait a moment before we find out because the only man at the studio right now is Jose; and, she is wearing another tragic weave. She wants to know why Karlie spilled the beans about how she and Stevie J were behaving at the restaurant. Karlie tries to explain to Shenellica Joseline that if she doesn’t want anyone to know what she and Stevie have going on, she probably should not flaunt it. Joseline continues to deny that she and Stevie J kissed, and since we weren’t shown that footage, we have no clue whether or not Karlie is lying. It’s easy enough for them to have kissed when the cameras stopped rolling. I gotta say though, I like how Joseline goes from admitting that Stevie J was fucking her in episode 1, to demanding people show her proof of them kissing and “sexing” in episode 2. Boy Girl, shut up.

Sidebar: All joking aside, I do believe that Joseline is a female with manly features. The word is “androgynous.” Normally, I would not go in on someone about their looks/features, because that is not something that they can change. She has masculine bone structure but she cannot do anything about that. The problem is that she set herself up as the villainous sidepiece from the start, which means that I just cannot feel much sympathy for her. If she were a good person, people would react differently. Would some people still make fun of her for “looking like a man?” Yes, but she would have more people defending her.  I don’t even hold it against her that she has a stripper/prostituting past.

Anyway, Karlie is explaining to Joseline that she just wants to work with Stevie. Joseline needs Karlie to know that she is Steve’s number 1 priority. (Remember, she plans to make him a brazillian dollars? Seriously, I hardly understand what she is saying half the time, but I can totally see her thinking Brazillian is an actual number.) Karlie is not going to get in her way, but she appreciates Karlie’s old ass giving her advice. How old is Karlie anyway? People keep calling her old.

It’s time for Stevie J to “pop in” on Mimi, while she is out cleaning a home. She owns a cleaning service. (No shade to housekeepers, that’s hard, honest work!) He says that he was, “Looking a little bananas,” at K. Michelle’s party, and his attempts to call Mimi has not worked and he really needs to speak with her. He tells Mimi that his family is the most import thing in his life and that they are his number one priority; behind that dick of his, clearly. “At the end of the day, I love you, but working is how I get my money.” What part of “working” includes being sexually active with your artists? Someone please let me know.

Mimi wants to know what is going on with Stevie and Joseline.

Mimi: “Why would she throw a drink at you?”

Stevie:  “Uh, duh… I don’t know. She probably —- I don’t know!”

Mimi: “I want you to look me in my face and tell me you are not fucking this girl.”

Stevie: (with smile on face) “No, I’m not.”

Mimi: “Why the fuck is you smiling then?”

Stevie: (trying to hide smile on face) “No, I’m not fucking her.”

Mimi: “Have you ever fucked her?”

Stevie: “We ain’t fucking.” You know, like, at this very minute.

Mimi: “I don’t believe you. Why were y’all beefing?”

Stevie: “We were beefing because we were 2 hours late to the studio.”

Man, whatever. I can’t believe that Mimi has put up with this shit, on and off, for 15 years. Stevie wants to “talk serious” for a minute. He wants to cut Mimi in on a “couple” percent of the business. A couple of percent is actually 5% in his world. He wants to give Mimi 5% of the profits from Joseline’s project. What is this fool smoking? Mimi says, fuck that, she wants 10% of everything. She says, “I am ready to hit Stevie in the only place he is going to feel it, in his wallet.” Stevie wants to know what time she’ll be done because he wants to see her. Mimi says that she is going to be tired, maybe he can call tomorrow. Awww, look at her trying to play like she has some kind of back bone!

Question: When did repeating one line repeatedly become a suitable chorus for a song? I’m sorry but, anyone – literally ANYONE – can write lyrics like  these. I find this shit weak and offensive to my sensibilities. Oh, what am I talking about? This “Marry Me” song, which is supposedly a “female anthem,” you know, according to Rasheeda.

“Put it on em, make them want to marry me.” Over and over and over again. I’m sorry, but this shit is just whack.  Maybe they should have gone with “Legs to the Moon” after all.

Anyway, Rasheeda is speaking to her husband about what she expects for her next video. She wants a real director, a full storyboard, more than one camera, etc etc. Kirk says he needs her to be 100% on the video, and not just phone it on, as she sometimes tend to do. She said she gon’ be ready. “You know I am going to deliver because that’s what the fuck I do. When it’s time to be there, and there is time for something to be done, I’m going to be front and center.” Alright then, I guess we’ll see about that.

Erica has not had a real relationship with her mother for about 10 years, but since reconnecting, her mom has been trying to be in her life. They speak for a while about Scrappy, over frozen desserts. She wants to know if Erica is serious about making it work. I never believe Erica when she says that she is, honestly. She does seem like one of those people who hides her emotions behind a thick wall. I recognize it because I tend to be that way as well. Her mom says that she just wants Erica to be happy and that she knows that Scrappy can do more, because she has seen him do more. Erica says that it just seems that way to her mother, from the outside looking in, but things are good. And, even if things don’t work out with Scrappy, all that matters is that her child is happy. They then start to talk about when Erica’s mom was on crack, and sent to prison. Erica was sent to NY to live with her aunt and uncle. She said she would watch letters come to the house, from her mom, but her mom wouldn’t send her letters and she would go to church on Sundays, when she was 8, and just pray to get a letter from her. This part of the episode was truly heart wrenching, and I did feel Erica’s pain in that moment. As scripted as the actual set-ups are, on this show, this conversation was 100% real. For the record, her mom claims she wrote her letters but she thought that Erica was ashamed of her. Erica says that what she’s gone through has just made her stronger.

Mimi and Stevie J go to dinner and Stevie has a “grown and sexy” set up for them. Mimi says that Stevie has been really sweet since the night at the club, but she has a surprise for that ass. She pulls out some paperwork. She is asking for 20% of his profits from all projects. She wants to be partners with him.  In confessional, Mimi is saying that it is less than the 50% she should be getting for putting up with his bullshit over the years.  Stevie J’s counter offer is 10%, and it seems that later on Mimi accepts the 10%, although at the time she acts as if she’s not trying to hear that.  In confessionals, Stevie says, “When Mimi hit me with that paperwork, I was like, ‘Wooooooooow,’” what is he channeling Flavor Flav now? Good God. Anyway, he just says he wants to see her smile again, (have you considered keeping your dick in your pants?) and he plays a song for her at the piano. Mimi just has a shit-eating grin plastered on her face, because she’s eating all of that bullshit up with a spoon.  And Saving Our Daughters think that THIS chick is what teenagers need to look up to? GTFO! Oh, and by the way, Stevie’s voice sucks.

Meanwhile, Kirk is at a studio in Doraville (no, Boots ain’t nowhere around) waiting on Rasheeda to arrive. She shows up two hours late. Basically, Rasheeda is late because she does not have a stylist, and she has a lot on her plate with being a mom and an artist and her own stylist. Kirk fucks her vibe all the way up with his attitude, but truthfully, she’s being a diva. It is easy enough to call or text and let people know you are running late, because when it comes to shooting a video time IS money and having the video run over is going to take more money from their budget. She accuses Kirk of “fiddle-faddling” on the phone while she is doing real work. Well, I imagine that those people didn’t just materialize out of thin air and that Kirk probably had something to do with that, but anyway. After crying for a second outside, she comes back in to do the video to that WHACK ASS SONG, “Marry Me.”

Mimi goes to Karlie’s house so that they can catch up. Karlie apologies and says that if she had known that Mimi and Stevie J were together, she would not have said anything. Who believes that shit? Mimi says that there is no need to apologize if she didn’t know. Karlie goes on to rub salt in Mimi’s wounds by talking about the chemistry she witnessed between Joseline and Stevie. She says that it was clear to her that they were fucking. “Why you calling your manager, Daddy? I would never call my manager Daddy.” I want to know why ANY women calls the man they are fucking Daddy, PERIOD. Seriously, is this something women who don’t have, and have never had, fathers in their lives do?

Mimi: “Do you honestly think they are sleeping with each other?”

Ugh, I just can’t handle this simple broad.

Now that that is out of the way, Karlie needs to let Mimi know that she really wants to work with Stevie. You gotta love that bitch. (I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible.) She tells Mimi that Joseline is making it seem as if she is the boss and she’s running shit. Mimi says that’s not the case because Joseline works for both she and Stevie J. She tells Karlie about that 10% she has accepted from Stevie. She says, “He and I are going to partner up.” I can’t tell if she is just talking shit, or if she and Stevie have actually signed some papers. It almost came across as if she was saving face.

Stevie and Joseline are back in the studio.

Joseline (in confessional): “I have so musch love for Stevie! I owe him so musch and he will get rewarded for that. I love Stevie. Everyone else, I don’t give a fuck about!”

Joseline (in studio): “I have something else I need to talk to you about.” Camera zooms in on her face. “No fairy godmother this month.”

Stevie: “Huh?”

Joseline: “I don’t know if it’s my nerves but I have to go to the doctor to make sure nothing is going on with me.”

Stevie:  “How late is you?”

Josaline: “Almost a month. Three weeks.”

(Pause): That make-up job is TRAGIC.

Stevie: “Is it 3 weeks or a month?” (Yea bitch, get it right! This is important!)

Joseline: “Three weeks is almost a month.”

Stevie ain’t trying to hear it. “What else is good with you? We shouldn’t even be having this conversation, period.” If she was having periods, you wouldn’t be having this conversation! hahaha!

Anyway, is he serious? It doesn’t matter, because Mimi rolls in to lay down the law. She lets Joseline know that she is now Stevie’s business party and that Joseline works for her. Joseline tells Mimi that she is not running shit. Mimi asks Stevie what his feelings were on working with Karlie Redd. Stevie says that Karlie is a rat, and that he wasn’t feeling it. Joseline tries to pipe up and give her opinion, and Mimi shuts that shit down. She said it is not Joseline’s decision. In the end, Stevie sides with Mimi and agrees it’s about getting paid, at the end of the day. So, suck on that Joseline… Never mind, you might like it.

At Erica’s house, Scrappy drops in. They get past a little small talk and the discussion moves on to how Scrappy gets when he is stressed out and how he wears his emotion on his sleeves. He says when he is going through stuff, he just wants to be left alone, so this means he needs his own spot, where Erica can’t give him an attitude and ask him about where he is going. (How dare she?!) Scrappy says that he would tell her if he didn’t really want to work on their relationship. Erica says, truthfully, she and Scrappy work best apart. Whatever. At this point, it’s clear that neither of them are serious about a relationship and that they are doing this for the show. Do what you gotta do.

“You need to mind your business Karlie Redd. It’s time for me to give this bitch a reality check.” That’s what Joseline has to say about Karlie; and she means it. She “tracks Karlie down” at a gym, much in the same way Stevie tracked down Mimi earlier in the episode – meaning the producers set up the altercation. Joseline “asks” Karlie to please stop going behind her back asking to work with Stevie and to not talk to Mimi about her. Karlie thinks that both Joseline and Mimi are jokes at this point. One minute, one is telling her that she’s running shit, the next the other is saying that she runs it. She says she needs to know who Stevie J’s manager is. Karlie then proceeds to act as if she isn’t the one volunteering information to Mimi about what she has observed between Joseline and Stevie, saying that it is Mimi who is talking about Joseline, not her.  Joseline says that Karlie will work with Stevie J if she allows him to work with her. When will side-hos learn? You have no real power. It’s up to the man, who is using you like a cum receptacle, to make you feel as if you have power. THAT’S IT!

At the end of the episode, Joseline gets another dramatic “video ho entrance” when she arrives at the studio. She goes right into the bathroom, with the cameras, squats over the toilet and pisses on the pregnancy test. If she wasn’t a ho, this would be shocking. But, since she is, it isn’t. Of course, I doubt that she even actually pissed on it. It was one of those classic, TV scenes with people passing around a pissy pregnancy test as if it wasn’t just pissed on. I mean she has it all up in her purse. Who does that?

She brings Stevie the pregnancy test and he wants to know why she is bringing it to him. Because she’s picking you to be that baby daddy, dummy. When she walks into the studio, she is all “upset” and crying. Stevie wants to know why she’s upset. She tells him and he is like, “So, whatcha gon do?” Actually, that’s how Chris Rock asked it in his, “Never Scared” comedy routine. Stevie J wasn’t nearly as humorous, in fact, he was a complete dick about it. He starts talking about how she has photo shoots coming up, and all of this choreography she is going to need to be doing – basically, he’s pointing out that she can’t be pregnant and do that. It’s clear that his solution is to have her abort the baby. Eventually, he presses her on who the dad is, and she finally says that, over the last six months, the only guy she has been fucking is him.

Next week should be interesting! Sorry for any typos, I will proofread and fix it (again) tomorrow.

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This Week in Drama: Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Pre-Review (plus) MeMpHiTz Radio Interview

With all of the drama over the past week, I just felt this need to do a “pre-review” ahead of tonight’s show. In the aftermath of the season 1 premiere of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, sex tapes, nude photos and a wave of “ratchetness” was unleashed via the Twitter and a boatload of gossip sites. It was the quintessential definition of a hot ass mess; which happens to be 100% representative of the show itself. (And, yes, I am still watching!) 

The day following the premiere, alone, we had K. Michelle and Karlie Redd tweefing; K. Michelle and MissJia tweefing; Joseline desperately scrambling to prove that she is, in fact, 100% female; and Mimi Faust volunteering to empower young girls via Saving Our Daughters. I mean, really?

This is Saving Our Daughter’s mission:

Saving Our Daughters creates the tools to get teen girls discussing key issues and fired up to take the power away from bullying, (cyber, gossip, face-to-face,…), date abuse, hate crimes, school violence, violence against women, and other esteem slayers.

There is not one woman on this show that I would have a young girl look up to. (ETA: I may change my mind about that after seeing Rasheeda’s introduction tonight, and Ariane seems OK so far – though she is not a main cast member.) Sure, Mimi is a great example of what NOT to do, but before she can go mentoring young women on self respect/esteem and valuing themselves, she needs to live that life. Since she has no recent history of living that life, she is not an appropriate role model. That is like someone saying, “You know who would be the best person to get someone off of crack? A current crackhead.”  NO! You don’t get a current crackhead, you get a recovered crackhead. You get someone who has lived a crack-free life for a considerable amount of time so that people can see that it is possible to get clean and live a productive life. Mimi can’t mentor young women about a damn thing because she herself is still one of those people suffering from “esteem slayers.” That goes to show that we have absolutely no clue of how to select our “heroes” these days. Just having a little fame is enough. I am rooting for Mimi to get her shit together, but she ain’t there yet and I would hate for some teenage girl to think that it is OK to hang around and let a man drag you through the mud for 15 years.

As far as Joseline, I am not even going to post links to all of that disgusting mess that came out about her over the last joseline, love and hip hop, vh1week. The video, where she is pulling an OctoMom and pleasuring herself, about made me vomit. I am just going to say that it is quite clear that that pussy has seen its fair share of dicks in its day and leave it at that. It’s also clear that she was born a woman. If you do want to see it, it’s just a Google search away. Enter at your own risk, and don’t watch on a full stomach.

This week the drama continued. Today, MempHitz went on Atlanta’s V103 to answer K. Michelle’s claims of abuse. I guess he could not remain quiet about it forever, not with his name being dragged through the mud. Besides, Toya encouraged him to speak out about it. The start of the interview, with V103’s Egypt, is light enough. He talks about how he and Toya went to Paris for their 1st year anniversary and about the reality show he is looking to pitch, anywhere but BET. He used to be VP of A & R at Jive Records, but now he has his own company, Do Work Enterprises, and he’s breaking into the “kid world.” With that out of the way, he just wants to clear his name and let the world know who he is. Whatever people think afterward, is up to them. He just doesn’t want to be slandered so that someone else can prosper. That someone else, of course, being K. Michelle.

First, he explains how he met K. Michelle. He was speaking to someone in the hallway (I presume at Jive Records), and he turned around to see K. Michelle there. He thought she was very pretty and was taken aback by that. She noticed that he was wearing a chain with his area code on it, and she wanted to know why he was wearing it. Once she realized who he was, she insisted on singing for him – and, of course, he was blown away. He goes into some more of his background at Jive records; he had a recording deal, was VP, and was handling three or four artists. Being a young CEO, he thought he could blow them all up at once, and blah blah blah, stop filibustering. Eventually, Egypt stops him and asked if he and K. Michelle had a volatile relationship. He says the relationship was “cool” and goes into how their relationship was not even supposed to happen, that they dated for 6 months and that he was going around introducing her as his “little sister.” She asked him why he was introducing her as his sister.

Egypt stops him and asks again, “Was the relationship Volatile?”

MeMpHitz: “Volatile, as in violent?”

Egypt: “Yes”

MeMpHItz: “No!”

He says that he has held women from swinging to hit him, even in high school. (Sounds like has been in volatile relationships, but he is claiming it’s he who gets abused.) He says he has never hit a girl in his life, and he can’t even spank his daughter.

Egypt: “Did K. Michelle put her hands on you?”

MeMpHitz: “Yes.”

MeMpHitz: “I love girls a little too much. Even in times when girls hit me the only thing I’ve ever done was hold those arms down.”

He reveals a time that he had to call the cops on K. Michelle for trespassing. It was back when he and Toya first started their relationship and she was in his room, asleep. K. Michelle left before the cops got there.

MeMpHitz: “If you can find one other woman in the world that can say that I have ever put my hands on her, I’ll confess to everything.” (Does that even make sense?)

Egypt: “Why would she come out and say this?”

MeMpHitz: “I don’t know how the devil moves, I just know he moves in ways that humans will never understand. All praises to Jehovah.”

MeMpHitz reveals that there was a time that K. Michelle was in a abusive relationship. He said that she would tell him stories about how some guy used to, “fight her like a man” and that she was raped. He calls her “damaged” and said he fell into a relationship that she insisted upon being in. He said that she would embarrass him in meetings with important people with her screaming. He wishes K. Michelle all the blessings in the world, and hopes that she sells a million records, just don’t slander him to do it.

That was the gist of the interview. I quoted them the best that I could, real time, with no time to pause. I do type over 100 wpm, but still, it was tough! Anyway, what I took from this interview is that both he and K. Michelle sound convincing, so it’s difficult to tell which of the two is lying. One red flag, for me, is that MeMpHitz admits to being in violent relationships, but he makes himself the victim of the violence. Another is that he is making it seem as if K. Michelle strong-armed him into being in the relationship. He also seems to believe K. Michelle’s claims of abuse, when she told him about her past. If she would lie about you abusing her, why do you still believe that she was abused at some point? Maybe she is just a sociopath who has discovered a way to get people to feel sorry for her? And the ultimate question is – Why, if she is lying, are you not suing her for libel?

Here is a legal definition of libel:

Libel  1) n. to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others. Libel is the written or broadcast form of defamation, distinguished from slander which is oral defamation. It is a tort (civil wrong) making the person or entity (like a newspaper, magazine or political organization) open to a lawsuit for damages by the person who can prove the statement about him/her was a lie. Publication need only be to one person, but it must be a statement which claims to be fact, and is not clearly identified as an opinion. While it is sometimes said that the person making the libelous statement must have been intentional and malicious, actually it need only be obvious that the statement would do harm and is untrue. Proof of malice, however, does allow a party defamed to sue for “general damages” for damage to reputation, while an inadvertent libel limits the damages to actual harm (such as loss of business) called “special damages.” “Libel per se” involves statements so vicious that malice is assumed and does not require a proof of intent to get an award of general damages. (Continue reading.)

If I am a man, who is being accused of beating the piss out of a woman, AND I DIDN’T DO IT, I am suing on principle. Oh, that ho is going to court! Maybe he doesn’t want the legal fees. Maybe he doesn’t feel that it is worth it because you can’t prove a negative. I don’t know. In the end, I don’t think we will ever have some definitive answer on this one.

At the end of the interview, MeMpHiTz mentioned a recording that he wanted to play for us. He said it wasn’t his voice, or any other man, but they never played it. He said he wanted to let us hear it, and if people still did not believe him, there is nothing he can do about it. Egypt pretended as if he didn’t say any of that, and just thanked him for the interview. I imagine that they didn’t have time to see what the recording was, or how he got it, so they didn’t want to get into trouble by playing it. I hope he releases it at some point!

Well, that’s it for my pre-review. I will be back with my review for tonight’s episode later.

Series Premiere – Hollywood Exes, Season 1 Episode 1 Review


The Exes (L-R): Jessica Canseco, Mayte Garcia, Nicole Murphy, Andrea Kelly, and Sheree Fletcher

Andrea Kelly's booty

She has a nice ass, though!

On the season premiere of Hollywood Exes, we are first introduced to Andrea Kelly. She was married to R & B singer, and hebephile, R Kelly for 10 years. They have three children together and have been divorced for three years.. For some reason, they think that we want to see her swinging around a stripper pole, and that is one of the first images we are greeted with. She and R Kelly met because she was his principle dancer and they grew closer and fell in love. Awwww! Although being marred to Robert Kelly brought its fair share of glitz and glam, most of the public did not realize he was married (I know I didn’t know) and she felt like she wasn’t getting her just do. Their relationship, as it stands right now, is nonexistent. She is moving to LA to film this show start over and she is hoping to open a dance studio there.  Tony is her friend, confidante and assistant of four years and she does not know what she would do without him. Her children are going to stay in Chicago for now, because they are in school and she wants to be settled in LA before she uproots them. Ugh, she’s doing that ugly face cry thing (with little to no tears) that reality starlets think they have to do a half a dozen times per season. Please stop! That shit is tremendously annoying. When I see people fake-cry, it automatically makes me not like them and think that they are 100% disingenuous. Anyway, she is just so thrilled to be moving to LA because her “good friend” of 2 to 3 years, Nicole Murphy lives there.  Nicole Murphy

Speaking of Nicole Murphy, it is time to head on out to Los Angeles to meet her. As we all know, she was married to Eddie Murphy for 12 ½ years. The couple has five kids together and they have been divorced for about six years. She goes through the perks of being married to Eddie Murphy; the 40,000 square foot home, the private jet and having Johnny Gill take her man away the option of driving any high priced vehicle she desired. She then goes on to lament about how difficult it was for her to go from that to having to ride on airplanes with plebs and not having a chef anymore. She does this whilst traipsing around a home most of us would give our best friend’s right nut to have. Yea, I don’t feel bad for you, boo. She’s currently engaged to Michael Strahan, an ex-NFLer who is now filling gigs as a Jerome Bettis impersonator a commentator for FOX Sunday Football. Nicole is also working on several business ventures; something as unique (and not at all overdone) as a fashion line. She’s not a cliché at all.

Next up is Sheree Fletcher. She was married to Will Smith for three years, you know waaay back in the day before he became Will Smith? They share a 19-year-old son, which means child support ran out a year ago; hence, her doing this show. (I kid, I kid)  She and Will met during a taping of “A Different World,” and they were married within eight months. I’m surprised that didn’t last! She, now, develops her own line of skincare products, and she is married to Pastor, and ex-football player, Terrell Fletcher. The couple only see each other a few times a week because her husband’s “assignment” is to preach in San Diego. Why can’t she move there?

Nicole decides to take Sheree to a store to look at jewelry priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars, knowing that neither of them are actually going to purchase them. Sheree says that she and Nicole have known each other for about 17 years because their exes knew each other back in the day. I don’t understand the lady with the green hair, who is standing behind the counter. I guess once you’ve made it as jewelry designer to the stars, you can wear any color hair you want.

Mayte Garcia was married to Prince for four years, twelve years ago. She and Prince met when she was 16 years old, once she graduated from high school, she joined the band as a dancer.  She said, “I thought I was getting married for the rest of my life, and it didn’t.” Mensa Model alert. Her mother lives with her, kind of. She stays in the guesthouse out back. She’s an animal hoarder with five dogs, two cats, two fishes, five birds, plus two extra dogs out back. (So, you mean you have seven dogs?) She claims to be an actress and that she has been on many TV shows. (Which ones?) Now, she is looking to be in movies and, apparently, being on a reality TV show is the answer. (Hey, it worked to get Nene Leakes on Glee. ::shrugs:: Maybe Mayte, too, can play a stereotype.) She has her house and animals, now she just needs a man to share it with. She may want to start with getting rid of some of those damn animals and getting her mom an apartment off property.

Jessica Canseco, Hollywood ExesWe meet Jessica Canseco, ex-wife of Jose Canseco, and the only part of her face that moves is her mouth. Somewhat distracting. Anywho, she met Jose when she was 19 years old while she was a waitress at some dive in Cleveland. The two had a “whirlwind romance.” They were married for four years, and have been divorced for eleven. They have a fifteen-year-old daughter together, Josie. We see her in the car with her daughter, joking about her boobs hurting as her daughter slams her fingers into one of her tits. She says that their relationship is more that of a buddy/friend, which is probably not a good thing. She owns a cosmetic line and a tattoo business. The last thing she wants right now is a Jessica Canseco, Hollywod Exes, Daughter, Boobsrelationship. She also proves that she is usually the “fun one” in the group as she flashes her cooch at a room full of people. Mayte and Jessica meet up to talk about their famous exes and channel Shania Twain’s, “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” when they state that men, in the same field as their exes, can never live up to them. Mayte especially has a point. Steroids is all a baseball player needs to get to Jose Canseco status. JUST SAYING.

Apparently, there are no 8 lane freeways in Chicago, and Andrea Kelly has never seen a freeway with that many lanes. It is sort of stressing her out. She and her assistant are driving along, somewhere near Santa Monica, discussing whether that area would be good for her dance studio. People are honking their horns at them, because Andrea is driving like an old lady. She has decided that she will get a driver, because driving is just so hard! “Where is my Xanax?”

Jessica Canseco, Vaginal rejuvenation, hollywood exesJessica and Nicole get together for a vaginal rejuvenation session. Jessica says that the procedure is great because it makes everything the same color, and makes “it” look like a 12-year-old’s. “You can’t hide your age with your vagina,” she says.  Nicole is all up in her vag, and she is impressed with how well lasering a snatch works. She says something about the flap plumping up, etc. She is surprised when Jessica flips over to get her asshole done. “Why would anyone need to get THAT done? No one is looking at that!” I guess we finally know why she and Eddie Murphy didn’t work out. Yup, that was loads of shade. You know, in case you missed it. No sex for a week, but it didn’t seem to hurt much.

Jessica: “You wanna go to lunch?”

Nicole: “Yea, like, I have no appetite now. How about a drink?”

Mayte Garcia, Hollywood ExesMayte hires a matchmaker to come to her home to help her find a man. (Apparently, this is going to be her storyline) The matchmaker wants to get a sense of the type of men she has dated in the past. This, of course, is the perfect segue to her letting the matchmaker know that she was once married to Prince. She went from Prince to Tommy Lee, who she was with for two years. They broke up, according to her, because he wasn’t sure if he wanted more kids. The matchmaker wants to know if she feels that, because she has been with a couple of really famous men, it defines her as a dater. ::raises hand in seat and hops up and down:: “OOO, OOO, I KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS ONE! PICK ME! PICK ME!!” Of course, Mayte says, “No, not at all.” I have a feeling that she wears the status of “Ex-wife to Prince” like a badge of honor, and she throws it into the face of any guy who ever dates her. I could be wrong, however, it’s just a sense that I get!Nicole Murphy, Hollywood Exes

Nicole and Sheree met with one another for lunch and it’s clear that they both just left the tanning salon as they are 4 shades darker than normal. It’s all good, brown skin is gorgeous, it just looks very unnatural to me.  Anyway, Nicole has something super duper heavy to share with Sheree.  (It’s Nicole’s turn to cry.) Nicole’s money was stolen from one of her trust accounts, and now she is suing. It was her savings and the money to grown her businesses. When you are rich, you have to stay on top of what is going on with your money, because people WILL take advantage.  All Sheree can do is sit there and shake her head in feigned concern.

Andrea gets a call from Nicole to invite her to dinner so that she can introduce her to everyone; of course, Andrea says yes.

Jose Canseco and Jessica get together to discuss moving in together. They both can date whomever they want, but their daughter will have both of their parents under the same roof if they do this. I think he just wants to be on the show. I mean, what else does he have going for him these days? He is trying to get back into baseball, but no one is trying to hear that. What did he expect after he wrote that book? Seriously? When you start to call people out for doping, you have to expect an ice cold shoulder. Anyway, Jessica is like “No way Jose!” I couldn’t resist. She is “shocked” by this proposal, but she wants to know who is paying all the bills. He hasn’t paid child support in seven years, so it is funny that he actually tries to suggest that she cover the bills since he covered them all when they were married. Child, please. At any rate, he wants her answer ASAP.

Hollywood ExesNicole has planned a party to welcome Andrea to the city and introduce her to the rest of the women. As Nicole and the other women are sitting around, waiting for Andrea, she says that she didn’t know that R Kelly was married, and all the women co-sign that shit. Seriously, who knew? We hear a bunch of gushes of, “Oh my goodness,” and “Oh my God!” as Andrea walks in. Why? I doesn’t know. After introductions are out of the way, and the food is brought out, Sheree chastises the women about digging into their food before praying. So, they pray. I sense a bit of bible thumping in our future.

Sheree wants to know what R Kelly thought about Andrea moving out to LA. She says there was no reaction. I guess he doesn’t care if his kids are hundreds of miles away? She wants to know when it gets to the “good part,” after a divorce. Sheree says you have to forgive and they just generally reassure her that it will get better. Drink and focus on the kids. That’s the solution. They discuss their men cheating on them, and how difficult it is with women throwing their pussies at them 24/7. Sheree says that she lost herself with being married to someone famous. Jessica shares with the women that Jose wants to move in with her and the women just think that that is a hoot. They suggest that she does not do it, but she is seriously considering it. “We must have been some bad mamma jamma’s to pull these mens!” says, Sheree, though, not verbatim.

Hollywood Exes PremiereIt’s time for the “partying” portion of the evening.  I can tell that Andrea’s friend is going to be messy. He just seems like the type. His comment about not liking “such and such’s” dress, on whomever he was talking about, just came across as snarky to me. 15 years ago, Sheree woke up with a tattoo on her butt, behind some tequila drinking, so she is going to pass on the shots. Nicole comments on all of the leering that Jose is doing as Jessica is on the dance floor and surmises that he must still be in love with her. To me, he just looks creepy.

All in all, this was just a basic introduction episode, where the public can get to know who the heck these women are, and who they were married to. I will say that they all were married to people who were pretty big in their fields at some point, and some still are. It’s not like with Basketball Wives, where I haven’t even heard of ANY of the men outside of Antoine Davis, Dwight Howard and Shaquille O’Neal. And, all of these women were actually married to their exes at some point. Not just some jump offs or side pieces that never had a chance in hell of getting a ring, let alone walking down the aisle.

The previews look like they may have some dustups, mostly involving Jessica. Jessica is a wild child, and it is no surprise that she and the preacher’s wife are butting heads. Jessica also gets into it with Mayte, when she calls her crazy. All I got to say about that is, if you don’t want people to think you are crazy, you probably shouldn’t overreact and start breaking glasses. I’m just saying.

Hollywood Exes premieres June 27th at 10pm on VH1. If you want to watch this episode prior to then, check out VH1.com.

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Series Premiere – Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Season 1 Episode 1: The ‘A’ List Review

BEWARE: Profanity below! Check out my review for Episode 2 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.

First of all, I gotta say that the opening for this reality show has got to be the most dramatic I’ve ever seen. This should already tell us what we have in store for us for this season! I am from Atlanta, so it will be very interesting to see how my city plays out from this angle. We already have the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta plays to a younger demographic.

Here is the cast (L-R): K Michelle, Karlie Redd, Rasheeda, Mimi Faust, Joseline, & Erica Dixon

We start out the series premiere with Mimi and her man, Stevie J. They have been together fifteen years, which means that she has likely been cheated on hundreds of times and probably has had to make a few trips to the clinic along the way. Is that mean? Anyway, they have a 2-year-old daughter named Eva and Mimi is just ready for Stevie to man up. So, Stevie has Mimi driving them way outside of Atlanta, to the suburbs where he has a surprise waiting for her. When they reach their destination, we see that it is a house, which is a gift to her. I’m a little confused though, are they moving into that house, together, or is he just giving it to her? Is he kicking her out of the place they currently live? At any rate, when people start giving you gifts as big as an entire house, you pretty much know that they done fucked up.

Mimi is not really feeling him moving her all the way out into the suburbs. From where it looks like they are, it is a good 30-45 minutes outside of Atlanta. Stevie is all like, “Look hoe, you better take this house and be glad I’m not tossing you into some glorified  apartment. You know how many bitches wish I was buying them a house right now? You ungrateful cunt!” Okay, he didn’t say any of that. That was just me reading in between the lines. He did make it clear that he still is not going to be around “like that” because he gotta get his money.

Next up is Erica. She’s a single mother and she has been dating the rapper Lil Scrappy on and off for about 10 years. They have a 6-year-old daughter named Imani. Lil Scrappy pops up on screen for 2 seconds to ignorantly proclaim some stuff about his affinity for the city of Atlanta, where he was born, and, apparently, will die. After his career took off, Lil Scrappy had a public affair with an Atlanta rapper named Diamond and it hurted Erica’s feelings.  Diamond dumped Lil Scrappy to get with something bigger and better (OK, I don’t know if he is better) Soulja Boy, and Scrappy went crawling back to Erica with his tail between his legs. And, of course, she took him back. She clearly has a high sense of self-worth. Lil Scrimpy takes a pause to think when Erica asks him if he thinks he would be with her if Diamond hadn’t cheated on him. He comes up with a response that wouldn’t get him cut, and kept it moving. He tells her that she needs to give him more affection. You cheated on her, just how affectionate should she be?

It’s time to meet the singer on the show, K. Michelle. She is in the studio shouting into the microphone – shouting is not singing; someone needs to tell these young singers that. She is a single mother, a pianist and she rocks out with her cock out. She recently got out of a bad relationship and that’s what this album is about. She’s recording a break-up song, and once she gets into the groove, she does sound considerably better. Later in the show, she meets with Rasheeda to express her displeasure with her ex-record label and to tell her about the bad relationship she ended up in with the man who signed her to the record deal. She said he gave her everything she thought she wanted until one day he flipped and beat her ass. He even stole the money that was reserved for her recording budget ($2 Million!)to buy himself flashy jewelry, and in the end, she had nothing to show for it; not even the album. Even though other people knew what was going on, they did nothing to help her. The nature of the beast. (I presume that she cannot mention this man’s name on the show, based upon how cryptic she was in that regard. Allegedly, the man in question is Memphitz. Memphitz is currently married to Toya. If he really is as violent as K Michelle claims, I hope Toya don’t ever feel that wrath.)

Mimi goes to visit her friend, Ariane, (somebody should have told her mother that does not spell “Erin”) to whine about about Stevie J giving her a big ass house in the suburbs. Ungrateful! I mean, so what if it is out in the boonies and it will be harder for you to roll up to the studio to see what skank he fucking? It’s a new house! Anyway, she and Ariane have known each other for about 7 or 8 years and she knows all of the ups and downs, ins and outs, of Mimi’s relationship with her man. Ariane reads the situation pretty quickly and is all like, “Is the dick THAT good?” OK, now we all know good well that what keeps her in the relationship is the money and status. These women kill me trying to act as if that has nothing to do with it and that they aren’t at least part golddigger. OWN WHO YOU ARE. Mimi says that she has never met a dick that made her do cartwheels – but she has met a paycheck! Ariane pretty much tells her that she accepts the behavior by staying with him. I concur! Side Note: Evelyn needs to take notes on how to cry on cue from these chicks. They make real tears and everything.

Looking like a po’ man’s Rihanna

Next, we travel to Kirkwood, which is in east Atlanta, to meet the show’s Latina flavor, Joseline (real name Shenellica, scroll down to see her mugshot). She gets a video ho vixen entrance before we see her little clip stating that she is a rapper, actress, and dancer. We got a triple threat y’all! She does have a nice ass (is it real?), but that weave is TRAGIC. So, she’s at Stevie J’s Studio, Block Studios. The first thing she does is show off her ass and he gives it a nice smack. Turns out, they’re fucking. Now, we already knew they were fucking, but I didn’t expect them to make it so obvious. I thought it would be one of those coy, “He’s just my producer/manager/everything, but we ain’t fucking,” kind of things. Nope. She puts that shit right on the table. I think I might actually respect that. Wait; scratch that. Did this bitch just say that Stevie fucks her brain? Yea… I take that respect thing back. She says that she wants Stevie forever. Good luck with that one.

Momma Dee

Lil Scrappy heads over to his mother’s house, Momma Dee. My impression one sentence into Momma Dee’s introduction:  She doesn’t seem quite as ghetto fabulous as say… a Frankie or Nancy. I mean, it looks like she would be able to spell psychotic if she had to. ::sighs:: I guess I should have waited to hear her speak before I placed her above Frankie and Nancy. Once she begins to express her displeasure about the people working on her home, it becomes clear that she is a lot more hood than she portrays herself in the “confessional.” At least she knows how to act as if she has some home training when she has to…  Although, that gives me shades of Tami Roman. Tami knows how to act cool, calm and collected when she wants people to think she has sense, but eventually, the truth betrays her and we see exactly who she really is. Wait, how did I get back to Basketball Wives?

Anyway, Momma Dee used to pimp and sell crack back in the day. She did what she had to, to take care of her family. Even if what she did hurt the community she was raising them in even more. Yup, that makes sense! Momma Dee gives her son some advice on his relationship with Erica. She says that Erica doesn’t know how to show affection because she didn’t have a mother to show it to her while she was growing up; because her mother was a crackhead. Mmm…. I wonder if she bought her crack from Momma Dee? Lil Scrimpy ignorantly proclaims – I mean, dude is stupid – that affection has nothing to do with your mama. What? They move on to talking about Diamond and Momma Dee is determined not to let her son beat her out in the ignorance department and states that Diamond didn’t need a record deal, she needed a Massengill deal; because, apparently, she knows what her pussy smells like – and it stinks! She says that Diamond almost made her come out of early retirement and that she needed to put her on the track to sell that ass; since her son paid for it. All of this because Diamond did to her son, what her son did to Erica. What goes around comes around; if you are so wise, where is THAT wisdom, Momma Dee?

Momma Dee has Erica over to her house to have a heart to heart sit down, and to tell her all of the things she is doing wrong in her relationship with her son. “You gotta show him affection, hoe!” Erica says that she does show him affection. I’m sorry, if someone publicly humiliates me by cheating with another woman, I’m not going to be feeling all lovey, dovey with them. How is that even a reasonable expectation? I guess she is supposed to fake it for his sake, so that HE will feel better; what about her? Erica tells Momma Dee that she steps out of line as a mother, and Momma Dee tells her she doesn’t know what she is talking about because her mom was a crackhead. Erica said that she still had a mother figure in her life, she was raised by her aunt. Momma Dee says that Erica’s mother did crack in front of Erica, and that she would never do that. Yes, Momma Dee, the pimp and drug dealer is a much more superior mother than Erica’s. People like her is why Erica’s mom was able to get her hands on crack in the first place. People can’t smoke what they can’t get. HELLO? For the record, Erica denies that her mother ever smoked crack in front of her. Momma Dee goes on to have some “vision” about Diamond and Lil Scrimpy and some other stuff that I can’t follow. The bitch is crazy, and Erica confirms it when she gets Momma Dee to confirm that she has been off her meds for five days. That explains everything.

So, Mimi’s slow ass invites her man to dinner to discuss whether or not he is interested in living in their home, out in the sticks, together. Stevie says he’ll come home “more.” Bitch, please. Let me tell you from experience, the only way that man is going to be coming home from that studio is if he needs you to take care of him in some way. I mean, it has to be something major. A serious illness, perhaps. Otherwise, you are doing good to get him once a week.  Mimi lays on him this super duper awesome idea – “How about you build a studio in the house?” Stevie J was ready for that one, though! He was quick to outline why it isn’t such a great idea, stating that you get a different “vibe” when you are at the studio, and being there stokes his creative fire. Besides, how is he going to have Joseline around giving him head lap dances and such if he is working from home? Naw, that one ain’t going to work. We need to keep this here separate. “So, that means what?” Mimi wants to know. Seriously? Like I said… Sloooooooow.

So, Stevie really isn’t all that great at this double life stuff. He invites Joseline to meet with an industry dude – Antonio Reid, LA Reid’s son; and, Karlie Redd, a singer and rapper from Trinidad. She has been wanting to work with Stevie J for a while. He wants to know if she is going for that Trini-sound. She says, no… she is going for that “R & B Swag,” whatever that is. Seriously, you should be able to define yourself just a little bit better than that. I do respect that she can just perform on the spot and is not shy about it. Joseline takes to Karlie immediately and suggests, after they show off their hot-bods, that they do a song together.

K Michlle Birthday Party, Love and Hip Hop AtlantaWe know that with these “reality” shows, we always have to have at least one episode – usually the premiere – where someone has some kind of party where things pop off. Well, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is no different. The ladies get together for K. Michelle’s birthday party and K. Michelle is ready for them to dance off beat. OK, that off beat dance of hers was cute… those shoes with the blonde hair weave on them? Not so much. She looks great otherwise.

Karlie is thrilled, and shocked, to see Mimi when she walks in. They were close back when they both lived in LA, but lost touch over the years. Question: How is it that she didn’t know that Stevie J was Mimi’s man? I mean, fifteen years is a long time for Karlie NOT to know who her good friend was fucking.  I guess the above is why it doesn’t come across quite so genuine when Karlie, out of the blue, starts to talk about Joseline and how real she is and how she is “ride or die” for her man. “Her man is Stevie J,” she says. Of course, Mimi and Ariane jump in to say that he is not Joseline’s man because he’s Mimi’s man! Karlie tries hard to pull off that, “Oh shit!” look, but she doesn’t do it that well. She keeps insisting over and over again that Stevie J is Josaline’s man because she “seen” it with her own two eyes. So, of course Stevie rolls into the club with Josaline as they are discussing the issue and this whole thing is looking more and more contrived by the second. K. Michelle plays Kesha for a moment, and got ghost, with a couple of the other girls, when the duo arrives at her table. I mean, K Michelle just got her hair done and she is not looking to get any drinks thrown onto it. What I need to know is why Stevie asks Mimi to go over and talk to Josaline? I guess he thinks she is going to be able to squelch Mimi’s fear that the two of them are fucking. Mimi tells Joseline that she has been going through so much with Stevie, as if Joseline gives a fuck.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Josaline Mimi Confrontation

While I feel that Karlie was intentionally being messy, she is at least going up to Mimi and asking her if she needs to make a choice between her, and working with Stevie in the studio. Mimi says that she would never put her in that position. Ariane wants to know what led Karlie to believe that Joseline and Stevie were “together.” Side Note: Anyone else think that Joseline sounds… “slow,” when she speaks? Anyway, she threatens Karlie, stating that she is being asked questions that will “fuck her up” in the end. In response to that, Karlie goes on to call Joseline and Stevie J all the way out, letting Mimi know how they were acting at lunch and that she did see them kissing. So, I guess Karlie has decided that she won’t be working with Stevie, after all. He calls her a rat, in confessional, but I would call that being a good friend. I STILL don’t know how she didn’t know her so-called friend was in a relationship with Stevie J. But, this is “reality” TV, which means it’s the exact opposite of that. Mimi doesn’t want to hear his lame, weak denials, and Stevie and Joseline accuse Karlie of getting a kick out of the mess SHE started. Really? I think the mess started when y’all started fucking. Just a hunch!

Ariane tries to save her friend, but Mimi just sits there as if she doesn’t know how to get up. Eventually, she figures it out and they exit stage left. Stevie J jumps over the couch to chase after Mimi, and Joseline throws a drink at him to single him back and let him know that she is not happy. Like the mindless, “I think with my dick,” puppy that he is. He runs back to Joseline and escorts her out the club. He then decides he must not be looking like much of a man, so he throws a drink back at Joseline once they are outside, messing up her “forur” wrap. Someone needs to tell her that “fur” only has one syllable.Stevie J, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Joseline goes to sit in the car and Mimi is standing by as Stevie follows behind, getting into the backseat with Josaline. Mimi is all like, “Really?” Yes, bitch, REALLY! She stalks up to the car and throws the door open and Stevie was like, “It wasn’t me!” “I was looking for you!” Joseline just wishes that Mimi would go home and “deal with her emotion” so that she and Stevie can go to the studio, where she is going to make him a billion dollars. I guess in her language “making a billion dollars” means “choking on ones dick.” In the end, after unsuccessfully convincing Mimi to go with both he and Joseline (huh?), Stevie decides to ride off with Joseline, and that’s where the show ends.

Based on the previews, this season is going to be a hot ass, drama-filled, mess; and I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading my review! If you would like to see the full episode before the premiere on Monday, Miss Jia has it up.  Check it out on her site!

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Did, I say my name was Joseline, Daddy? I meant Shenellica!

My Favorite Basketball Wives Season 4, Reunion Reviews

Here is a collection of my favorite Basketball Wives, Season 4 Reviews from YouTube. If you like what you see, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to these up and coming youtubers and be sure to let them know that @DeAnnaMisrahi sent ya!

Be forewarned, there is a fair amount of profanity in the videos below, so keep that in mind BEFORE watching.

My favorite part of the video below starts at 10:30 where   tells us what Tami was REALLY saying when she was attempting to explain her actions to Kesha.

This next video is by . She’s from across the pond, and it is just really interesting to hear someone’s take who isn’t quite as immersed in American culture as we Americans are. Also, she was the closest thing to a deferring opinion I’ve found on the subjects of Tami/Kesha Ev/Jennifer. I don’t agree 100% with her take, but quite enjoyed her spirit! Besides, we all know that when a Brit discusses something, it automatically sounds 10x classier. lol. Oh, and I don’t think she used any profanity, so you are safe on that front.

This next YouTuber, AshleyMiller1987, always keepz it all the way realz with her reviews.

This is the first time I’ve watched a video by , but I was very entertained!


I am still waiting for to upload their video with their little BBW Reunion recap. This space is reserved for them!

Basketball Wives Season 4 Reunion, Part 2, Recap and Review

(Disclaimer: I use profanity, so if you are offended by such language, please do not read. Oh, and the below contain spoilers, so if you plan to watch Basketball Wives Season 4 Reunion, Part 2, and don’t want to know what happened, do not read any further.)

Well, we are back for part 2 of the Basketball Wives, Season 4 reunion. We start the show off with a clip of Jennifer, backstage, having a polygraph test administered. Meanwhile, on the set, John Salley starts things off by “lightening” the mood with clips of Chad and Evelyn. Their storyline this season was their pending nuptials and general relationship issues. They show a video montage of their conversation about Twitter Hos, Chad’s birthday gift of a car, and Chad suggesting that they change things up during the ceremony with him walking down the aisle instead of the bride – They stopped short of him discussing whether or not it would be appropriate for him to wear a white dress when he is a confirmed ho, and whether or not ivory is really his color. I honestly don’t remember half of those clips, but maybe that is because their segments bore me to tears. No, I will NOT be watching their spinoff. I am positive said some canned shit about how wonderful their relationship is going, but I seriously forgot to pay attention.

Keeping in line with the theme of “romance,” John moves on to Royce, naming off all the “mens” she has been with since the show has been on the air. Dwayne, Brian and Desmond. Royce says that she and Desmond are “good” and they are still together. She says she decided to stay with him because it wasn’t the “right” time to walk away from the relationship. She is not going to make her decision on whether or not to stay with someone based upon what the public wants and she is staying with him for the things he does right, not the one thing he did wrong. I have a feeling it has been more than “one thing,” but whatever. It’s her choice to stay with him.

Next, they show the clip of Royce doing her ugly “cry” while she was arguing with her father. John says he’s a father and his daughter is in the audience. He tries to speak for Royce’s father, from his perspective, and I could not care less. He also calls his daughter a crybaby, which I am sure made her feel great.

“My daughter is here, and she’s a crybaby like you, as I call it,” said Salley.  “As a father, his job is to expect you to be great, and when you do things that aren’t, his job is to correct you.  There’s no reason to correct you if you were doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” -John Salley

To all of that, I say stfu.

But for real, where are the tears?

They end Royce’s little segment with showing a clip from Royce’s production that she had a role in. Apparently Kesha and Tami both have seen the play and thought she did a good job. John said that a compliment from someone who can act, like Tami, “says something.” ::rollseyes:: To her credit, I will say that Royce seems like she did an OK job. I mean, it seems the role she was playing was a stereotypical black chick. She was cute though.

After the break, they start in on the Tami and Kesha clips from Tahiti. They show the one where Kesha is coughing, where Tami said that Kesha couldn’t sit up front because her purse was right there, and finally the clips of her getting fucked up, taking shots and drinking before she goes in on, and straight up BULLY, Kesha.

John asks Tami if she was looking for Kesha to fight her back. Tami says no, that she was looking for Kesha to stand up for herself. She says all she has ever seen from Kesha is her talking behind people’s back and running away from confrontation. Kesha reiterates that she said she COULD have done these things, not that she wanted to. That’s cute. Kesha is expecting Tami to know what words mean.  Tami goes on to say Kesha, “If you want to go off on me, I’m going to give you a chance.” Kesha just has nothing to say to her and this is where Tami informs Kesha that she needs to live life according to Tami’s rule, which means that if you don’t want to talk to me, then don’t talk about me during interviews about the show, or to other cast mates. Thus spoke Queen Tami. Kesha says she hasn’t talked about Tami in months, but she regrets telling Suzie anything. Suzie gets her one moment to speak when she is going off on Kesha, claiming that she didn’t tell Tami anything, and that she refuses to take the blame for it. Tami, after thanking Suzie while in Tahiti, backs Suzie’s claim up and says that she didn’t tell her. Shaunie says that Suzie gets a bad rap. Hmmm, could it be because Suzie always has something to say and she’s always running back to tell people what others have told her? Geez, I don’t know! Could it be THAT?

It says a LOT that they had not one isolated thing to recap about Suzie this season. Not one thing. I think it’s time for you to get a life, dear Suzie. Being a town crier isn’t working out so well for you.

In the end, we just go over the same bullshit that has already been discussed into the ground. Tami only takes responsibility for not delivering her message properly and insists that she is not a bully. Now, this is the same – bitch, bitch, and mo bitch – who told Jennifer, during the very same taping, that she was a bully because she “intimidated” Ashley. Now, Jennifer didn’t make Ashley cry, nor tremble in fear, but somehow what Tami did was not bullying, but what Jennifer did was. Bitch don’t have one ounce of introspection. She still insists that she took Kesha’s items to do her a favor.

Kesha suggests that Tami reads her blog to gain some knowledge on what it means to be a bully, because she fits the traits A to Z. You can tell that it annoys Tami that the crowd claps when Kesha says this because she bristles as she says that Kesha is quick to try to make a person look bad. Kesha says that she doesn’t have to try to make Tami look bad, she does it herself. I consider that statement to be a fact.

Now, Tami claims that she went to Kesha’s room after everything died down to tell her that she didn’t mean to come at her the way that she did, and that the whole thing was over within 15 minutes. Kesha wouldn’t know that, of course, because she had already left. So, basically, Tami expected Kesha to hang around and hope that the next time she saw Tami, she wasn’t going to be a belligerent asshole. Oh, and I call bull on that 15 minutes thing. I also call bull on her going to Kesha’s room to talk to her and that Kesha had already packed and left by then – if we are going by that 15 minute time frame. We all saw her on the beach talking to Evelyn and Shaunie about it. It is just another tale Tami has weaved to try to make herself look better. But, like the weaves she wear on her head, it is an epic fail.

To wrap this all up, John asks Kesha if she regrets leaving early, and if she wishes she would have stayed.

“No, I didn’t feel safe. I just wanted to go home.”

That about sums it up.

Now it’s time to welcome Jen back to the stage, and I presume, get the lie detector test results.

Jen says she feels a little violated by taking the test, but it was OK.

Oh wait… we aren’t done with Tahiti. They show some more clips, Kenya and Evelyn’s confrontation. Evelyn and Jen’s arguments. Whatever.

Somehow, they manage to make the conversation about Jennifer and Nia again. Basically, both Shaunie and Evelyn are 100% against Jennifer exercising her rights to pursue charges against Nia.

Shaunie says, “We are talking about someone who was your friend. What she did was wrong, and we take it very serious, but I wouldn’t want to see any of you go to jail over a mistake. Maybe you go file a report to scare the hell out of someone, but you have proven your point. Why can’t you let it go?”

Jennifer says that it didn’t happen to them so how are they going to tell her what she should be doing. She brings up the fact that Nia was all on Twitter bragging about it, but NOW she wants to apologize to get Jennifer to get her to drop the charges. The apology doesn’t seem genuine to her. And, it’s NOT genuine Jennifer. Shaunie IMPLORES Jennifer to put herself in Nia’s shoes, and Jennifer said she would never hit someone like that, so she cannot put herself in her shoes. Come on, Jennifer! If you try hard enough, I am sure that you can get yourself to hoodrat level. Do you want to go through life knowing that you never even tried? What will you tell your children pets?

So after the break, they show Shaunie’s favorite moment from this season, and of course, it was when she surprised her daughter Mimi? with Mindless Behavior for her birthday. (fitting name for how these “women” have behaved this season) I gotta say, I like how John paused when he said he hadn’t seen Shaunie’s daughter since she was a little girl, and that she has gotten ((pause)) “taller.” Most people would say “bigger” in that instance, not ever meaning it in a bad way. So, I guess I give him credit for catching, in that moment, that some people would take it a bad way because of her size. It is always a shame when people make fun of people’s kids, and people do make fun of that little girl. Going to give her an eating disorder, leave the kids alone!

Anyway, Shaunie claims her kids come first  and that she thinks it is important that they show what their  lives are really about. They show the mammogram scenes next. Just another attempt to make it seem like this season was somewhat substantive.

Polygraph Test Results:


Question 1 – Do you believe Jennifer wrote the blog in question.

Answer – Yes


Question 2 – Do you believe the charges Jennifer filed against Nia were premeditated?

Answer: Yes


Question 3 – Do you miss your relationship with Jennifer?

Answer — No



Question— Are you jealous of Evelyn’s relationship with Chad?

Answer – No


Question — Do you miss your relationship with Evelyn?

Answer – Yes


Are they serious with this bullshit? First of all, what kind of question is, “Do you think Jennifer wrote her blog?” WE DON’T NEED A POLYGRAPH TO TELL US THAT SHIT! Shouldn’t the question have been to Jennifer? And, who really cares if Jennifer is jealous of Evelyn’s relationship? Who even knows if the results are accurate for that matter?

Shaunie goes into her, “I’m above all of the drama,” voice and states that life is too short, they’ve been through too much and it’s not worth it. I’m – SO – over Shaunie.

John then gets up and forces Jennifer and Evelyn to hug, and they do, and they cry ,and this all just looks like the most contrived bullshit I’ve seen on television in a long fucking time.

John sits back down and pats himself on the back as if he’s actually accomplished something. Riiight. Let me tell you something, you can weep for the past and the relationship you once had with someone, but it does NOT mean that you can just go back to the way things used to be. I’ve experienced this enough in my life to know that you can’t let the good times in the past cloud the judgment of your present.  I would keep someone like Evelyn at arm’s length.  Just remember how eager she was to let the world know you fuck dudes you don’t know without a condom. AND SHE WOULD DO IT AGAIN.

The show wraps up with John asking Shaunie about her meeting up with her spiritual leader. Of course, Shaunie could not just come out and say that she met with him because the show was getting so much negative feedback, so instead she pretended as if the pastor’s words resonated with her . She then proceeded to jump down the throat of the viewers for being “judgmental.” She says we don’t get to see everything and we take things so personally and that we don’t know them like that. Well DUH ho, ain’t that why you are an executive producer? You can’t tell me that there is not a way to edit the show to make you look more positive, IF YOU ARE BEING MORE POSITIVE! And do you really want to intimate that the viewers have no lives because we talk about the show negatively? You give us negativity. This means you are going to get negativity in return. Now, isn’t that just common sense?

In a last ditch effort to leave a positive impression on us, they pieced together every single positive clip they could find of the season to show us just how fun loving, lighthearted, and easygoing the women truly are. You know, beneath all of that backstabbing, bottle throwing, fish hiding, bullying we saw 98% of the time. ::sighs:: There went 10 seconds of my life I will never get back.

For all of the people who are trying to get this show off the air, there will be a season 5; and, I will be watching. I am curious to know just how the boycotts will affect their ratings, however. Sometimes boycotts have the exact opposite effect, which is why it makes more sense to simply stop watching a show you don’t like, versus drawing attention to it with national calls for boycotts. Besides, this is just “Reality” TV. There are more serious issues that need our energy! Obama/Biden 2012!

Well, that about does it for this recap. Thank you for reading. If you like what I have to say, please follow my blog and share with your friends. Ciao!

Basketball Wives’, Evelyn Lozada, pens a letter to her 7 year old self… Really?

This week, Evelyn Lozada’s public relations team shared, exclusively with the Huffington Post, a letter to her seven-year-old self. The purpose of writing such a letter is to be cathartic, reflective, and of course, to share it with the rest of the world. I mean, if you are going to share such an intimate letter, perhaps you should do it in a more artistic and creative way. Take Pink’s, “Conversations with My Thirteen-Year-Old Self,” for instance. As it stands, it just looks like more damage control.

You’ll look through the rearview mirror of your life and see a mountain of mistakes. You’ll realize that although it appears that you’re living out a dream, your seven year old self could never picture this near nightmare at thirty-six. You’ll remember the days when you drowned out the fighting and drama in your own house and the negativity of the women you loved who ultimately shape who you will become. You’ll recall the moments when you sat in front of the television each day after school in search of someone positive and found Oprah and wondered if people like her would ever be a part of your life, or if you’d always have the jaded ones you watched on Jerry Springer.

It pains me to see that someone, who is 36 years old, still blaming their upbringing for their adult behavior. I, and millions of others, can point at the horrible things thing have happened in our lives, that have shaped a large part of who we are, and still manage to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner.

Read the entirety of the letter, and tell me what you think. Do you believe Evelyn is sincere, or do you think she is just looking to cover her ass?

From the Desk of Evelyn Lozada

Dear Mija,

In exactly twenty-nine years you’re going to find yourself at the middle of a mess that you unwillingly helped to create… You’re going to be the topic of a discussion about women on a national level that won’t be one of your proudest moments. And as large as your life may be at that time, the truth is that you’re going to feel painfully small.

You’ll look through the rearview mirror of your life and see a mountain of mistakes. You’ll realize that although it appears that you’re living out a dream, your seven year old self could never picture this near nightmare at thirty-six. You’ll remember the days when you drowned out the fighting and drama in your own house and the negativity of the women you loved who ultimately shape who you will become. You’ll recall the moments when you sat in front of the television each day after school in search of someone positive and found Oprah and wondered if people like her would ever be a part of your life, or if you’d always have the jaded ones you watched on Jerry Springer.

You’ll make no excuses for your actions, as a matter of fact, you’ll find yourself in tears at the Ah-ha moment Star Jones forces you to have. Beyond what you’ll initially perceive as a malicious attack by Star, lives a hard truth that will shake you to your core. YOU are the little girl, she’s talking about. And it hadn’t dawned on you the effects that your grown-up actions were having on the next generation of little ones who watch negative and abusive moments unfold on television.

It’ll take the moment when you see and hear your future step-daughters pretending to be “you” after watching you behave badly on T.V., that you’ll actually feel real shame. Knowing that the self image they were imitating was the very ‘image of self’ you will so desperately try to escape. In utter embarrassment you’ll find yourself explaining your unacceptable behavior to them, reaching for the imprint of encouragement felt by Star, Oprah, our First Lady Michelle Obama and other positive women of color that have gone before you and that are prayerfully standing behind you…encouraging you…willing you to stand in the space God will so graciously provide for you.” It’ll be the wakeup call you need.

Until now, you’d never put a race, or face or even an age to the eyes that idolize you or see you as an example: be it good or bad. And although, conscious now, you’ll carry the fear of failure with you each second because deep down, you’ll realize that you yourself had never been taught better.

I cannot promise you perfection, Mija. I cannot say that overnight, I’m going to get it right every time. What I will promise you is that I will always remain conscious that little eyes like yours are watching me and because of that, I will try to be better.

Learning To Love You More,


I do hope that she is sincere – time will tell. Meanwhile, enjoy:

Pink “Conversations with my 13 year old self”

Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 7 Episode 17: Monkey Business Review/Recap

This recap is for Season 7, Episode 17 of Real Housewives of Orange County.

After recapping the end of last week’s episode, where the ladies staged a failed narcissism/pretentiousism/fakism intervention on Alexis, we pick up this week’s episode with Alexis, still at the table, wiping away tears as she states that she never talks badly about Tamra, to anyone, and that Terry tells her about the things that Tamra says behind her back. (I admit, I’m kind of lost here. When did Terry –I finally realize that that is Dr. Dubrow’s first name– and Alexis become BFF’s? It seems to me that the men on these shows are becoming as messy as the women are.) Alexis makes me LOL when she asks if Tamra thinks she is somehow “real” because she has had her implants removed. She didn’t ask her this to her face, mind you, but it is funny nonetheless. Vicki says something awfully introspective, for her, and states that they should leave Alexis alone because they are all phony and superficial to a degree. Bravo, Vicki!

It is immensely upsetting to Alexis that Gretchen is not just blindly coming out in her defense.  I understand it being difficult to accept what is being said, in that moment, when you feel as if you are under attack; but do you really hold a grudge against someone who is honestly expressing how they feel? Gretchen’s suggestion to the women is that they tell Alexis, up front, when she says something that puts them off. While that may be the most mature way to deal with it, I have a feeling that if they did that, they would be interrupting her every other sentence.

Eventually, Alexis has enough and excuses herself from the table, and goes back to her room, at which point the women commence to patting themselves on the back for a job well done. It pains me to say, Vicki is right, once again, when she says that they are not going to change who they are and that they should just accept each other. I think she should have added, “or don’t,” because that really is an option.  Maybe they are forced to be acquaintances for the sake of the show, but perhaps behind the scenes, that should be spelled out so that there are no surprises. But, then again, would that make for good TV?

After the women comfort Gretchen, and ensures her that she has been a great friend, she gets the strength to go after Alexis. She is dismayed when Alexis won’t let her into her room for round 2, or 3, or whatever it is at this point. “This is too hard on me!” Gretchen says. “What about me?” Alexis wonders? Alas, since Alexis is not up to speaking with Gretchen, Gretchen flees back to the women, and they comfort her some more.

At least what they are being fed looks yummilicious.

Alexis’s new BFF, Vicki takes her her lobster and talks Alexis into letting her stay and speak with her. After all, they have something in common! Tamra and the gals have justifiably gained up on her in the past! Vicki goes on to say, in confessional, what many people say anytime you have something negative to say about someone who is attractive, “they are jealous because she’s hawt!” Seriously? Is that what she is taking away from all of this? Maybe Vicki is jealous, actually, I am sure Vickis jealous, but all of the other women are very attractive in their own right. And, even if they were not, just because you criticize someone who is attractive, it doesn’t mean that you are doing it because you are jealous of their looks. Do I have to say it? Being attractive does not make one infallible. It does seem to give them a “Get out of jail free” card with many, however.

Alexis followed through on her word to leave early, but before she stages her Escape from Paradise, Heather drops by to see her. Alexis is short with her and Heather tells her that she hated to see her upset and bla bla bla and some more stuff. Alexis also goes to the beach, making sure to thank Vicki, in front of Gretchen, on the ride over. While having glasses of “champs,” a raccoon happens upon the women and Gretchen and Alexis find a moment to have a chat off to the side. Gretchen explains how hurt she was that Alexis allowed Vicki in, but would not allow her in. Alexis says that Vicki barged in, and she really had no choice, and then goes on to criticize Gretchen for making the conversation all about her, but says nothing about Vicki doing the same thing. Then, Alexis leaves.

Gretchen is still whining about Alexis not letting her, but letting Vicki, in; but this she’s whining to Vicki and the other women. In confessional, Vicki is bragging over “succeeding” over Gretchen, in regards to Alexis, as if she won some kind of prize. Good grief. Sometimes I feel as if Vicki is one of those people who always wanted to be part of the “popular crowd,” and sat by being envious and spiteful of them because she wasn’t a part of their awesome clique, but the moment one of those popular people paid her any attention, she felt like she was worth a billion bucks. Seriously, I’m over it.

For some reason, Gretechen and Tamra decide to run around molesting Vicki and Heather, the two most uptight women of the bunch. Vicki flees because she must protect her “pink parts” (is anyone else gagging?) And Heather is given a lap dance by Tamra and Gretchen before the two start to rub bums; and Tamra flashes Gretchen her boobies. A squirrel? monkey figures that this must be where the party is, and tries to join in on the fun. Unfortunately, all of the weird screams from the women are unlike any mating call he has ever heard, so he is a bit unsure. Free bananas won him over.

Time to plant trees! The Stinking Toe tree reminds Tamra of Eddie, so she selects that one to plant for him. Heather picks a tree with four leaves, because she has four kids. Vicki wants the tree with the heartiest soul. ::rollseyes:: Vicki asks if they should plant one for Alexis. ::rollseyesharder:: Hey, it’s good for the environment! Vicki is just way too sentimental about this whole thing. She calls it romantic, but then she takes a much darker turn when she mentions that one day, one of them is going to die and it is going to be, like, sad. Is it menopause? She then destroys Alexis’s tree. Fitting.

The at the break outtake is of Tamra joking about Vicki sleeping with Slade. I gag again.

The women decide to go white water rafting. They discuss how nervous they are on the way and freak out when they see the river. Not sure what they thought white water rafting looked like. “If it rains in the boat, will we sink?” Heather wants to know. The prospect of not properly wedging their feet in the boat, to prevent falling out, and the fact that piranhas live in the water, does not deter the women from their goal. They are a’going white water rafting! After they figure out who is getting in the boat first. A bunch of screaming, mostly by Vicki, ensues. It was fun for all! Wait. Is Vicki really crying? Bitch.Stop

Heather is the second one to leave. Wait a minute… I thought she was able to stay the entire trip? You know… because her husband is like, so awesome with handling the kids while she is away. Of course, it’s hard to really tell the order and time these scenes are filmed.

After rafting, I presume since all of their hair is still wet, the three remaining OCers go for beer and food. Vicki is irritated as hell that Gretchen and Tamra are both wearing pink and Tamra squeezes one of Vicki’s tits to calm her down. What is going on? Does going on a trip somehow mean GIRLS GONE WILD! Vicki doesn’t have on a bra, so she asks Tamra to stop.  Somehow we (Vicki) start talking about Donn. She says he is going to be sad without her. Personally, I that think Don is going to be fine. Isn’t he the one going to sex clubs? Vicki says that she would go back, if Donn wanted her. I know that makes Brooks feels, like, all kinds of awesome. She backpedals a bit on that comment, perhaps thinking about Brooks a second or two too late. She then talks about her next source of pain – Brianna and her elopement. You know, more, woe is me stuff.

All in all, this week’s episode ends relatively drama-free.

Next week’s sneak peek takes us back to the OC and the episode starts off with Vicki and Brooks at the dentist. Vicki is getting him some new teeths! Well, I am sure he is paying for it. Right… Vicki is literally all up in Brooks grill, pointing out all of the things she would like to see fixed.

Sneak Peek 2 is of Tamra and Eddie at dinner. Tamra is filling Eddie in on the trip to Costa Rica and Eddie surprises her with a trip he has planned Tahiti. (Yes. I am having Basketball Wives flashbacks.) Tamra feels like Eddie has something up his sleeve and I am sure if she is right, she’ll do a great job of pretending to be surprised.

Sneak Peek 3 is of Alexis, desperately trying to recover from the mental and verbal beat down she suffered on her 1.5 day trip to Costa Rica. The show must go on, however, and she has to put on a brave face for her Fox 5 segments. This woman would truly buckle under the stress of any REAL problems. I will say that it looks as if Alexis Is getting better at this whole “on camera” thing. I will still have fun with my Alexis Bellino, True Journalist Series, however!

Well, that is it for this recap of the Real Housewives of Orange County. If you like what you’ve read, please follow my blog and share it with your friends. Peace!


Basketball Wives Season 4 Reunion Review, Part 1

CLICK HERE to read my Part 2 recap of the Basketball Wives Reunion.

To start the show off, we have clips from each of the women, from backstage, stating what their expectations are.

Royce: It can be a mess. I’m prepared for anything.

Kesha: I hope everyone can conduct themselves as ladies.

Kenya: (cheesing it up with wild eyes) I don’t know what to expect, this is my first time doing this!

Suzie: I am just expecting pure chaos.

Evelyn: I don’t know what to expect.

Tami: What you want to happen and what will probably happen are two different things. To be honest, I’ve been dreading this day.

Jennifer: I know there is going to be drama. I’m not excited about that. I want to be drama free.

Host John Salley is back to host the fourth season, Basketball Wives reunion. He welcomes us to a, “high speed chase down memory lane,” and goes around introducing each of the women, minus Jennifer. Shaunie gets the most applause. She must have her handlers in the audience “padding” them.

John explains that Jennifer is backstage, and would join them later. They have her up on a screen and he speaks to her briefly.

John starts things off with Evelyn. He hints at a surprise, to be revealed later in the show, suggesting the audience will be surprised. He goes on to express his shock at the level of animosity between Evelyn and Jennifer and wants to know if she thought that they would be able to clear things up during the reunion. Evelyn says that they have had plenty of time to resolve it, and it has not been resolved so far and probably won’t be.

John asks how Evelyn feels that Jennifer is backstage, and not on stage with them. Evelyn thinks that is best because a lot is going on, legally, and it has just become “something big.” She says that she and Jennifer will never be friends again.

John mentions the controversy surrounding this season, specifically in regards to the violence and Shaunie. Shaunie says that it has been a personal struggle for her since she is not one to fight. Not that she is perfect or anything. She admits to getting “out of character” at times, and seeing aspects of herself that she does not like.

Sidebar: Shaunie is a producer and she always seems hyperaware of how she appears on camera. It is like when someone decides to record a conversation with someone else without his or her knowledge. The person they speak to are candid and honest, while the person making the recording is reserved and measured. That is Shaunie.

Shaunie went on to say this season was bananas, and that there was more bad than good. Although there were mostly bad moments, there were also good moments such as Tami and Evelyn going to get their mammograms and her daughter’s birthday party. She acknowledges that the show needs more of a balance, with the good and bad, and “now” everyone is on the same page in that regards. To me, she made it sound as if she always wanted this balance, but no one else was on that page with her until this year when they received the negative backlash. At any rate, Shaunie says that they now have their act together. Amazing how that happened overnight.

Next, we are shown a video montage of Kesha and Kenya’s integration into the crew. We see Suzie and Evelyn watching Kenya’s horrible YouTube video; Kesha telling Kenya that she is not ready for Beyonce status, and how she does not want to be part of something that isn’t going to be done right; and, the confrontation between Kesha and Kenya (hosted by Evelyn and Tami) where Kenya pretended she was going to kick Kesha’s ass, and Kesha ran off.

John jokes that Kesha is fast and then asks Kenya if she feels that she is starting her singing career too late in life, and if she thinks it is realistic. Of course, she does. She says there are no limits on dreams. The age you are, the stage you are in life, does not determine what you can and cannot do. (Although I agree that there are exceptions to the rule; Kenya is not that exception. She has no discernible talent that I can see.) John asks Kesha if she has any words of wisdom to bestow upon Kenya at this point. Kesha and Kenya both say no. We all know that Kenya does not like hearing the truth!

It is Tami and Kesha’s turn and we are shown clips of Tami asking if Kesha is white; Kesha’s subsequent conversation with Evelyn regarding how she felt about the way that Tami asked her that; the Bitch, Bitch, and more Bitch dinner (with Kenya laughing like a cracked out hyena); Kesha’s “I could have said” clip; the clip of Tami going off on Kesha in Tahiti; and a clip with Kesha saying that she could see humanity in Evelyn and Shaunie, but there was nothing human about Tami. She says that Tami could not be nice, even if she was swimming in a pool of sugar.

After the video montage is over, John asked Tami what got her going about Kesha. Tami directed her comments towards Kesha and said that if she has something to say to her, she is open to hearing it. She went on to say that Kesha made things ugly between them with the way that she took her comments. John wants to know if it would have made a difference if Kesha would have went directly to her. Tami claims that it would have made a difference.  We all know that you cannot prove a negative, but we can find at least one example with someone going directly to Tami, and Tami still being sour about it and wanting to end the friendship– Royce!

Tami went on to say “my bad” regarding the “stuff” in Tahiti. She acknowledges that she was disrespectful and that she should not have gone off in that manner, that she should have been able to articulate herself the way that she was articulating herself in that moment. However, she is still not apologizing for her blatant hypocrisy for her message – that Kesha only talks about Tami to Tami.

John makes a comment about Tami’s anger management working; and I laughed. Does anyone think that this is anything more than an act from Tami? It was John’s way to segue into the clips with Tami at her therapy sessions. John asks Tami if she thinks therapy  is working. Tami says yes and that she is trying to deal with some deep-rooted things, but she is not trying to make excuses for her behavior because she takes responsibility for it, apologizing again for doing the wrong thing in Tahiti.

Now, we are moving on to Kenya’s comment about Evelyn being loose. We see the clip, with Kesha telling Evelyn what Kenya said; then the clip where Sakara cosigns Kesha; and clip of the bottle-throwing incident at dinner.

John asked Evelyn if she felt that she went too far with throwing the bottle.

Cue the violins.

Evelyn said, absolutely, it was the wrong thing to do. She said that if there was one moment in life that she could take back, it would be that one. (Really? Not that tragic glittering lime eyeshadow?)

Why you crying, though? John wants to know. Evelyn said that it’s because she’s not proud of that moment. She recounts a time that she was driving in the car with her stepdaughters and how they thought it was funny. “It’s not funny,” she says, “I need to set a better example.” But, WILL you set a better example? That is the question.

John offers her some tissue. Evelyn gave him that, “What, you mean for these fake tears?” look and said no.

The separation of Mean and Evil (Jennifer and Evelyn) is the next topic of discussion. We see a clip of their first argument of season 4, where Evelyn confronted Jennifer about the blog that Jen claims she did not write. Then we see the clip of Shaunie’s birthday party, when Evelyn hit Jennifer with her bag.

Before bringing Jen out, John asks Evelyn what happened and if it was really the blog that started it all. Evelyn said it started with the interview that Jennifer did. She went on to say that she is loyal to her friends and that she never talks about Jennifer’s business when giving interviews because it is not her place. “You’re my girl, I have your back. She didn’t respect me.”

John then asks Shaunie if she regretted inviting both Evelyn and Shaunie to her birthday dinner. She said she didn’t because she let them know that each would be there.

Now it’s time to see the Jennifer and Nia confrontation and “fight.” John wants to know if any of the women saw that coming, they all said no. Shaunie says it was a lot of tension, but they didn’t think it would escalate to that point.

John asks Evelyn why she felt the need to jump across the table like and “pop off.”

Evelyn, “Jennifer has the world thinking that Nia is just my assistance. Nia and Jen were friends, when Jen’s accounts were frozen; Nia let her stay with her.” She mentions that, even though Jen made the comment about Nia not having anything, she was still suing her and it’s for attention. She says that Jen waited for the show to air before filed charges. (This does not seem possible considering we see her telling Kenya that she, “do what the white people do,” and got her lawyers on it; and, we saw Evelyn reading the police report to Tami.)

Jennifer makes her dramatic entrance to join the rest of the cast. She has bodyguards nearby, you know, just in case. We see Evelyn “calming her nerves” and taking a deep breath as Jennifer takes her seat.

John asks Jennifer if it feels strange keeping her distance from the group. Jen said no, and that it is what it is. At which point the audience reacted in a very over the top way. It was so over the top that I have to say that that was not their reaction to what she said, at all.

Jennifer wants to set the record straight about Nia. She says that they stayed at each other’s homes, that when Nia was in Miami, she stayed at Jennifer’s place, and when Jen was in New York, she stayed at Nia’s place. She goes on to say that if she really needed somewhere to stay, she could have lived with her mother. With this bit of context, Evelyn chimes in to say that, since Jennifer did not have a car at the time, she stayed with Nia so they could go out during the week. Now, didn’t Evelyn and Nia act as if Jennifer would have been on the streets, dumpster diving and shopping at the Goodwill, if it were not for Nia being there to play captain save-a-ho?

John makes an ignorant comment about Harlem being nice now, since white people live there. Seriously, I have lived in nice, low/no-crime BLACK neighborhoods all of my life. (I’m 33) It annoys me when people imply that black people can’t live in places like this – especially when it’s OTHER black people. But, I digress.

Jennifer claims that she does not have an issue with Nia, but it was her right to file the police report. She corrected Evelyn, saying that she filed the police report the same day and met with the state’s attorney’s office. She says that her lawyers could attest to that. Jennifer does concede that it was below the belt to go in on Nia about her financial status, but after she got smacked she was upset and said those things in anger.

To me, John has been hostile with Jennifer the entire time she has been out there. I get the sense that he really does not like her and when he questioned her about why she didn’t file a report against Eric, he sort of confirmed it for me. John pretty much calls Jen a hypocrite and says that it was a double standard, that she did not go after Eric in the way that she is going after Nia, legally speaking. Jennifer says that Eric threw a drink at her, and pretty much it wasn’t the same thing. John says that the glass hit Jen’s chin, which I don’t recall seeing. Clearly, Eric’s intent wasn’t to hit her, however. His intent was to look like a little bitch in front of millions of viewers humiliate Jen, but not physically fight her in the way that Nia wanted to physically fight her. In the end, Jennifer says that it is because Eric is her husband.

It’s time for Tami to jump in with her unsolicited advice.

“I just want you to be consistent and be an advocate for things all the way through. I have witnessed you bully Ashley Walker and she didn’t come back after that. And, now, you are saying you don’t want to be bullied. Acknowledge and admit what you’ve been a part of.”

Seriously? Is this Tami talking? Did I fall down and bump my head? Did someone shoot me up with crack? Meth? Whiteout?

Jennifer said that she doesn’t feel as if she bullied Ashley.

No, for real for real, am I fucking hallucinating? Tami is sitting there trying to explain bullying to Jennifer.  She is saying that, since Jennifer “intimidated” Ashley, it was a form of bullying.

Jennifer reiterates that she didn’t consider it bullying and that she doesn’t feel like she was being intimidating. All of the women, who were there at the time, including Royce, said that Ashley was intimidated.  Shaunie jumps in to say that Jennifer never apologizes for the things that she does. John asks Jennifer if she could say sorry for the blog. Jennifer gave one of those, “if I hurt you,” apologies that I never take seriously, but she managed to get the crowd to give her an applause anyway.

Jennifer goes on to say that she doesn’t apologize for progressing in life and Shaunie says that they all want to see each other grow, whether it is with Jennifer’s lip gloss line, or Tami’s failed, nonstarter hair weave line. Shaunie whines about how hard it is to remain friends, while being on a reality show, because you have to be so careful about what you say hurting someone’s feelings. She says that she thinks being on the show is what ruined Jennifer and Evelyn’s friendship. John said he disagreed, that it would have happened without the show because he does not go two days without talking to his best friend. Jennifer and Evelyn went months at a time without talking. Does anyone really care what John does?

Jennifer tries to explain her withdrawal from the group, saying that dealing with her divorce to Eric was a new situation for her. She said she took a step back from everyone because she had to deal with many things. Like, figuring out how to change a light bulb and how she was going to earn a living. She said that she did try to call Evelyn, and emailed her a few times, but she never responded.

Evelyn says that, back when Jennifer and Nia were still friends, Nia told Jennifer that Evelyn had a problem with her and the time that she reached out to Jennifer, Jennifer said she was busy. They were forced to talk about what was going on, for the show, which is why they ended up discussing it.

So, the big surprise ended up being that Evelyn took a polygraph test. John tells Jennifer she is next, and Jen says that she is game. We won’t know the results until next week.

I watched the clip for part 2 of the reunion, but was done when I saw the same Tami, who told Jennifer earlier that she was bullying Ashley because she was intimidating her, go in on Kesha saying that Kesha “felt she was bullied because she doesn’t know how to speak up for herself.”

People can keep thinking that Tami is actually changing, but I have yet to see any such evidence. Going on the Wendy Williams show and trying to squeeze out of couple of tears, and talking a good game, doesn’t mean that she has changed. 

Well, that’s it for this recap. I hope you enjoyed it.

See you next week!

Something Extra:

Kenya Bell released a “diss record” today, and I am sure that it is purely a coincidence that she did so the day of the much-awaited Basketball Wives reunion. The song, produced by Jazze Pha, is entitled, “Hate Me.” It is heavily auto-tuned and is nothing special. I tried listening to it once to get the gist of the lyrics, but it was extremely difficult. Listen at your own risk!

Here is what I managed to grab of the lyrics:

“I can’t stand that ho,” repeated over and over and over again

“When I pull up in my whip it’s like a video.”

“Them bitches hate me, they make me famous though.”

“If you think you can stop me then yous a silly ho.”


This song is a repetitive, hot mess. The fact that they had to auto-tune her vocals to within an inch of its life displays that she cannot sing. The lack of creative lyrics displays that she cannot write. Her YouTube video displays that she cannot dance. Her tired, cheap wet and wavy weave displays that she cannot style her hair. The fact that she failed to mention one woman directly, or even indirectly, displays that she doesn’t know how to do a “diss record.” Can someone please tell me? Just tell me, please… Moving on.

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