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Basketball Wives Season 4 Reunion, Part 2, Recap and Review

(Disclaimer: I use profanity, so if you are offended by such language, please do not read. Oh, and the below contain spoilers, so if you plan to watch Basketball Wives Season 4 Reunion, Part 2, and don’t want to know what happened, do not read any further.)

Well, we are back for part 2 of the Basketball Wives, Season 4 reunion. We start the show off with a clip of Jennifer, backstage, having a polygraph test administered. Meanwhile, on the set, John Salley starts things off by “lightening” the mood with clips of Chad and Evelyn. Their storyline this season was their pending nuptials and general relationship issues. They show a video montage of their conversation about Twitter Hos, Chad’s birthday gift of a car, and Chad suggesting that they change things up during the ceremony with him walking down the aisle instead of the bride – They stopped short of him discussing whether or not it would be appropriate for him to wear a white dress when he is a confirmed ho, and whether or not ivory is really his color. I honestly don’t remember half of those clips, but maybe that is because their segments bore me to tears. No, I will NOT be watching their spinoff. I am positive said some canned shit about how wonderful their relationship is going, but I seriously forgot to pay attention.

Keeping in line with the theme of “romance,” John moves on to Royce, naming off all the “mens” she has been with since the show has been on the air. Dwayne, Brian and Desmond. Royce says that she and Desmond are “good” and they are still together. She says she decided to stay with him because it wasn’t the “right” time to walk away from the relationship. She is not going to make her decision on whether or not to stay with someone based upon what the public wants and she is staying with him for the things he does right, not the one thing he did wrong. I have a feeling it has been more than “one thing,” but whatever. It’s her choice to stay with him.

Next, they show the clip of Royce doing her ugly “cry” while she was arguing with her father. John says he’s a father and his daughter is in the audience. He tries to speak for Royce’s father, from his perspective, and I could not care less. He also calls his daughter a crybaby, which I am sure made her feel great.

“My daughter is here, and she’s a crybaby like you, as I call it,” said Salley.  “As a father, his job is to expect you to be great, and when you do things that aren’t, his job is to correct you.  There’s no reason to correct you if you were doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” -John Salley

To all of that, I say stfu.

But for real, where are the tears?

They end Royce’s little segment with showing a clip from Royce’s production that she had a role in. Apparently Kesha and Tami both have seen the play and thought she did a good job. John said that a compliment from someone who can act, like Tami, “says something.” ::rollseyes:: To her credit, I will say that Royce seems like she did an OK job. I mean, it seems the role she was playing was a stereotypical black chick. She was cute though.

After the break, they start in on the Tami and Kesha clips from Tahiti. They show the one where Kesha is coughing, where Tami said that Kesha couldn’t sit up front because her purse was right there, and finally the clips of her getting fucked up, taking shots and drinking before she goes in on, and straight up BULLY, Kesha.

John asks Tami if she was looking for Kesha to fight her back. Tami says no, that she was looking for Kesha to stand up for herself. She says all she has ever seen from Kesha is her talking behind people’s back and running away from confrontation. Kesha reiterates that she said she COULD have done these things, not that she wanted to. That’s cute. Kesha is expecting Tami to know what words mean.  Tami goes on to say Kesha, “If you want to go off on me, I’m going to give you a chance.” Kesha just has nothing to say to her and this is where Tami informs Kesha that she needs to live life according to Tami’s rule, which means that if you don’t want to talk to me, then don’t talk about me during interviews about the show, or to other cast mates. Thus spoke Queen Tami. Kesha says she hasn’t talked about Tami in months, but she regrets telling Suzie anything. Suzie gets her one moment to speak when she is going off on Kesha, claiming that she didn’t tell Tami anything, and that she refuses to take the blame for it. Tami, after thanking Suzie while in Tahiti, backs Suzie’s claim up and says that she didn’t tell her. Shaunie says that Suzie gets a bad rap. Hmmm, could it be because Suzie always has something to say and she’s always running back to tell people what others have told her? Geez, I don’t know! Could it be THAT?

It says a LOT that they had not one isolated thing to recap about Suzie this season. Not one thing. I think it’s time for you to get a life, dear Suzie. Being a town crier isn’t working out so well for you.

In the end, we just go over the same bullshit that has already been discussed into the ground. Tami only takes responsibility for not delivering her message properly and insists that she is not a bully. Now, this is the same – bitch, bitch, and mo bitch – who told Jennifer, during the very same taping, that she was a bully because she “intimidated” Ashley. Now, Jennifer didn’t make Ashley cry, nor tremble in fear, but somehow what Tami did was not bullying, but what Jennifer did was. Bitch don’t have one ounce of introspection. She still insists that she took Kesha’s items to do her a favor.

Kesha suggests that Tami reads her blog to gain some knowledge on what it means to be a bully, because she fits the traits A to Z. You can tell that it annoys Tami that the crowd claps when Kesha says this because she bristles as she says that Kesha is quick to try to make a person look bad. Kesha says that she doesn’t have to try to make Tami look bad, she does it herself. I consider that statement to be a fact.

Now, Tami claims that she went to Kesha’s room after everything died down to tell her that she didn’t mean to come at her the way that she did, and that the whole thing was over within 15 minutes. Kesha wouldn’t know that, of course, because she had already left. So, basically, Tami expected Kesha to hang around and hope that the next time she saw Tami, she wasn’t going to be a belligerent asshole. Oh, and I call bull on that 15 minutes thing. I also call bull on her going to Kesha’s room to talk to her and that Kesha had already packed and left by then – if we are going by that 15 minute time frame. We all saw her on the beach talking to Evelyn and Shaunie about it. It is just another tale Tami has weaved to try to make herself look better. But, like the weaves she wear on her head, it is an epic fail.

To wrap this all up, John asks Kesha if she regrets leaving early, and if she wishes she would have stayed.

“No, I didn’t feel safe. I just wanted to go home.”

That about sums it up.

Now it’s time to welcome Jen back to the stage, and I presume, get the lie detector test results.

Jen says she feels a little violated by taking the test, but it was OK.

Oh wait… we aren’t done with Tahiti. They show some more clips, Kenya and Evelyn’s confrontation. Evelyn and Jen’s arguments. Whatever.

Somehow, they manage to make the conversation about Jennifer and Nia again. Basically, both Shaunie and Evelyn are 100% against Jennifer exercising her rights to pursue charges against Nia.

Shaunie says, “We are talking about someone who was your friend. What she did was wrong, and we take it very serious, but I wouldn’t want to see any of you go to jail over a mistake. Maybe you go file a report to scare the hell out of someone, but you have proven your point. Why can’t you let it go?”

Jennifer says that it didn’t happen to them so how are they going to tell her what she should be doing. She brings up the fact that Nia was all on Twitter bragging about it, but NOW she wants to apologize to get Jennifer to get her to drop the charges. The apology doesn’t seem genuine to her. And, it’s NOT genuine Jennifer. Shaunie IMPLORES Jennifer to put herself in Nia’s shoes, and Jennifer said she would never hit someone like that, so she cannot put herself in her shoes. Come on, Jennifer! If you try hard enough, I am sure that you can get yourself to hoodrat level. Do you want to go through life knowing that you never even tried? What will you tell your children pets?

So after the break, they show Shaunie’s favorite moment from this season, and of course, it was when she surprised her daughter Mimi? with Mindless Behavior for her birthday. (fitting name for how these “women” have behaved this season) I gotta say, I like how John paused when he said he hadn’t seen Shaunie’s daughter since she was a little girl, and that she has gotten ((pause)) “taller.” Most people would say “bigger” in that instance, not ever meaning it in a bad way. So, I guess I give him credit for catching, in that moment, that some people would take it a bad way because of her size. It is always a shame when people make fun of people’s kids, and people do make fun of that little girl. Going to give her an eating disorder, leave the kids alone!

Anyway, Shaunie claims her kids come first  and that she thinks it is important that they show what their  lives are really about. They show the mammogram scenes next. Just another attempt to make it seem like this season was somewhat substantive.

Polygraph Test Results:


Question 1 – Do you believe Jennifer wrote the blog in question.

Answer – Yes


Question 2 – Do you believe the charges Jennifer filed against Nia were premeditated?

Answer: Yes


Question 3 – Do you miss your relationship with Jennifer?

Answer — No



Question— Are you jealous of Evelyn’s relationship with Chad?

Answer – No


Question — Do you miss your relationship with Evelyn?

Answer – Yes


Are they serious with this bullshit? First of all, what kind of question is, “Do you think Jennifer wrote her blog?” WE DON’T NEED A POLYGRAPH TO TELL US THAT SHIT! Shouldn’t the question have been to Jennifer? And, who really cares if Jennifer is jealous of Evelyn’s relationship? Who even knows if the results are accurate for that matter?

Shaunie goes into her, “I’m above all of the drama,” voice and states that life is too short, they’ve been through too much and it’s not worth it. I’m – SO – over Shaunie.

John then gets up and forces Jennifer and Evelyn to hug, and they do, and they cry ,and this all just looks like the most contrived bullshit I’ve seen on television in a long fucking time.

John sits back down and pats himself on the back as if he’s actually accomplished something. Riiight. Let me tell you something, you can weep for the past and the relationship you once had with someone, but it does NOT mean that you can just go back to the way things used to be. I’ve experienced this enough in my life to know that you can’t let the good times in the past cloud the judgment of your present.  I would keep someone like Evelyn at arm’s length.  Just remember how eager she was to let the world know you fuck dudes you don’t know without a condom. AND SHE WOULD DO IT AGAIN.

The show wraps up with John asking Shaunie about her meeting up with her spiritual leader. Of course, Shaunie could not just come out and say that she met with him because the show was getting so much negative feedback, so instead she pretended as if the pastor’s words resonated with her . She then proceeded to jump down the throat of the viewers for being “judgmental.” She says we don’t get to see everything and we take things so personally and that we don’t know them like that. Well DUH ho, ain’t that why you are an executive producer? You can’t tell me that there is not a way to edit the show to make you look more positive, IF YOU ARE BEING MORE POSITIVE! And do you really want to intimate that the viewers have no lives because we talk about the show negatively? You give us negativity. This means you are going to get negativity in return. Now, isn’t that just common sense?

In a last ditch effort to leave a positive impression on us, they pieced together every single positive clip they could find of the season to show us just how fun loving, lighthearted, and easygoing the women truly are. You know, beneath all of that backstabbing, bottle throwing, fish hiding, bullying we saw 98% of the time. ::sighs:: There went 10 seconds of my life I will never get back.

For all of the people who are trying to get this show off the air, there will be a season 5; and, I will be watching. I am curious to know just how the boycotts will affect their ratings, however. Sometimes boycotts have the exact opposite effect, which is why it makes more sense to simply stop watching a show you don’t like, versus drawing attention to it with national calls for boycotts. Besides, this is just “Reality” TV. There are more serious issues that need our energy! Obama/Biden 2012!

Well, that about does it for this recap. Thank you for reading. If you like what I have to say, please follow my blog and share with your friends. Ciao!

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