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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Season 1 Episode 3, The Young and the Ratchet

joseline, love and hip hop, atlantaThis week on the Young and the Ratchet, the episode picks up where last week’s ended…

Wait, let me talk a minute about the ratchet ass shit that went down at a viewing party last night with Mz Hoseline Hernandez. Apparently, ol’ girl was confronted, and attacked, by a fan of the show. As of now, details are sketchy, but the general consensus is that the woman wanted to know why Joseline had an abortion, and that is what started the altercation. Some people say that Joseline just brushed her off, and that was the ultimate sign of disrespect. Others say that Joseline pushed the attacker first. There are conflicting reports on whether or not Joseline was hit with a bottle. The attacker’s friend says that that’s not true. Until a police report surfaces, and/or pictures of Joseline’s injuries are posted, it is going to be hard to tell who is telling the truth.

Now, part of me feels that Joseline got what a lot of people thought she would get at some point. I didn’t think it would be over her getting an abortion, however. I mean, fa real? In case some of you have forgotten, abortions are legal in this country. Now, the GOP is trying to change that, along with taking away y’alls birth control (your asses better vote in November!) but, as of now, it is still legal. It is no one’s place to tell any woman what she HAS to do with her body. Period. If women were walking around trying to regulate men’s sperm, people would have a problem with that, but trying to regulate a woman’s uterus is fair game? Hell nah! But, I digress.

Since I don’t know the actual facts of what happened, it’s hard to give my opinion on it. If it’s true that old girl was salty for being brushed off, she needs to have several seats. What kind of pre-k, elementary school bullshit is that? I can’t stand Joseline, but far be it for me to cosign unprovoked and/or escalated violence (from fistfight to cracking bottles over ones head). The attacker needs to be locked up. Again, that’s IF, she hit her with a bottle.

Now that that is out of the way, it is time to move on to this week’s episode. It starts with Stevie J and Joseline, still in the studio, discussing who impregnated her. I cannot tell if Stevie is trying to play off the, “I ain’t fucking this ho,” angle for the camera, or if he is just a dick. I am going with the dick thing. This dude couldn’t find the highroad if Dora and Boots themselves gave him their map. Eventually, he drops the act and tries to play semantics with her on when she would have conceived the child. “If we had been sleeping together for 6 months, my kid would be bigger than that.” What? Does this man not know how reproduction works? Don’t he have at least four kids by now? Lawd. In confessionals, Joseline is saying, “Believe it or not, I am very stingy with my kutty cat.” Child, please.

Joseline tells Stevie that she is going to bring him the 50% paperwork and he ain’t going to have no money left. Ultimately, she lost that card when she had the fetus aborted. I can’t think of many people who are less fit to be a parent, so there are bright sides. My suspicion is that this wasn’t her first terminated pregnancy, and probably won’t be the last. Stevie doesn’t like that she is threatening to make him pay for his offspring, I mean the NERVE, and he tells her that she ain’t getting shit. He gets up and grabs his dick and says a bunch of ignorant bullshit. His mama must be so proud.

K Michlle goes to meet her record producer, B. Cox, to discuss organizing a local showcase to, uh…. showcase her talent. She is, again, talking about her time at Jive records and how they squandered her budget, and that she was out of her mind, and people were running away and locking their doors because they were scared of her. OK, we get it. Things, at Jive Records, were fucked up. Let’s move on now, because the more you talk the less I believe you.

Lil Scrappy goes to visit Momma Dee to let her know that he has found a new place. Again, they talk about Erica and her lack of affection and Momma Dee says she rather her son ho around to get the “affection” he needs than stay with woman who wouldn’t give him the one thing he asks for. I’m sure Erica is worried about Scrappy giving HER the one thing that SHE is asking for – you know, being faithful, but we see how things work in Momma Dee’s world. Any woman her son gets with must cater to him, period. This is why Scrappy will always be a little boy. That’s just not a lesson you teach ANY man. I mean, he can’t even handle the responsibility of hiring movers to move HIS shit. And mama, right there, offering to do it for him with a big grin on her face. SMDH. I do like Lil Scrappy’s personality though, so I at least understand why a female will be attracted to him. I will never get it with Stevie J.

Rasheeda, Love and Hip Hop, AtlantaRasheeda and Kirk meet up to talk about her being late to the shoot. I am not feeling Rasheeda’s attitude on this one. Yes, I get that you have a lot of responsibilities, and it’s tough juggling it all, but you cannot use not getting your way as an excuse to drag your feet. She wanted four dancers, but she only got two. In her mind, she was being short changed so she would “get there when she get there.” She also seems to think that being late two hours only set their budget back $300-400. Kirk informs her that it set them back a few thousand dollars. I am rooting for Rasheeda, DESPITE the fact that I don’t like her music, but she really needs to pull it together. I’ve seen a lot of immaturity out of her the last couple of episodes. Kirk tells her that she isn’t being smart about the business because she has an attitude. He also says that what she is looking for is something that she would get as an artist with a major label. Rasheeda is totally against going the major labor route because they are really just glorified pimps. They use their artists up for every dime they can drain out of them, and unless the artist is able to negotiate a contract in their favor, ie, owning their masters, it doesn’t tend to pan out well for them.  But, again, if you want to go the independent route, you need to have the attitude and mentality to do it successfully. I am not seeing that in Rasheeda right now. Kirk also tells her that it’s difficult to be in business mode with her as his husband. They need to just go on and hire someone else.

Erica is earning her spot on the show by setting up a nice, romantic evening for Scrappy, even though we know she really don’t want his ass. Her bedroom is a fire hazard, with dozens of lighted candles lining the walls, rose petals scattered across the floor, and chocolate covered scrawberries. She has pullt on some sexy lingaree, and got the oils out for a nice massage. I cannot wait to see Scrappy return the “affection” and set up something similar for Erica down the line! Maybe he’ll get to that after he’s done rubbing Buckey bikini-clad body down! So in the midst of a foot and back massage, Scrappy decides that this is the perfect time to let Erica know that he has found a spot and is moving out. Thanks for killing the mood! I must say, Scrappy has some breautiful feet! He had to have had a pedicure beforehand, however, because I just don’t believe any man keep their feet that pretty on their own. Besides, we know that this show just ain’t that spontaneous.

The ladies get together to support K. Michelle at her showcase. Despite the sparkly fuzzy sleeves, I thought K. Michelle looked somewhat dressed down, but maybe that’s how they do at showcases. She sings her new song, “Bury My Heart,” and she is doing that shout-singing thing that tone-deaf people confuse for belting. Otherwise, she sounds as good as, or better than, most of the artists getting R & B contracts these days, and that “Bury My Heart” song is growing on me. I know I’ve heard that melody before, who is she sampling?

K. Michelle, on the showcase: “I left the haters with their faces on the floor, I left my family excited and my friends overjoyed. A star was born.”

OK, then.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Karlie Redd would not get any airtime if it wasn’t for her stirring up shit. Where is her music? What projects is she working on? Where are her meetings with music execs?  Can you please get your own business, Karlie Redd? I can’t stand that ho. Anyway, she points to some chick in the audience and tells Mimi, “That’s the girl who said she fucked Stevie.”  Mimi, again, is looking like a fool, and when Stevie J comes over there to get a kiss, she tells him that she don’t want to kiss him. This is when Stevie turns into a little bitch and starts to demand that she give him a kiss.

Stevie: “What do you mean you are going to call when you are done?” “You going to show out?” “Gimme a kiss. Gimme a kiss.”

Dude, do you hear yourself?

Erica is thoroughly amused by the entire situation. She says that she didn’t know that Stevie was Mimi’s man/baby daddy, so she didn’t get why he was acting like that. For people who live in the same city, and who are filming a reality show together, they sure as hell don’t seem to know a lot about each other. Anyway, since Stevie is really just a woman with a big dick, he decides to step to her and starts to go off on her, calling her a bitch. Erica doesn’t back down, however, and tells him that she is not intimidated by him. As Stevie walks off, he calls her a, “disrespectful slut monkey.” Really? And what have you done to earn respect, Stevie J? What I like is how Mimi just sat there like a fucking lump on a log. She didn’t try to get him to stop or call him out on his bitchassedness. She just sat there looking like she is completely disconnected from the situation. Someone may want to check to see if she is on something, for reals.

Sidebar: On the Twitter last night, Mimi had this to say,“Doing the show was a blessing and a curse. Id still be in the dark and clueless had I not done it. The downside is dealing with the trurh (sic). It hurts to find out the man u loved so much was capable of doing the most but I’ve been given the gift of clarity. My new beginning begins. My only wish is for my daughter to learn from my mistakes and know her worth and never experience what I’ve been thru. I love her sooo much. But at the end of the day a very dysfunctional relationship produced the most pure love Ive ever experienced. My daughter. So no regrets.” 

The next day, Mimi and Stevie meet up in some parking lot to discuss the previous night’s altercation. Mimi says that Stevie had a bunch to say when they got home, but she locked him out of the bedroom. Do you believe her? I don’t believe her. She asks him why she went off on Erica and he said, just like the bitch that he is, that he just felt like going off on everyone. WTF, were you having PMS? To his credit, he does acknowledge that he was wrong and says that he wants to speak with Erica and apologize. They then start to talk about the latest chick that the Town Crier, Karlie Redd, said that he smashed. Stevie wants to know how many times they are going to go through this he-said, she said shit. Um, as long as you are fucking other women?  First, he says that there is no truth to it, then, he says that he has seen her in the studio once or twice, finally he says he doesn’t remember. Then he starts back at one – “But, I didn’t fuck that broad!”  “I can’t recall.” “I didn’t take that down!” “Can we just get passed it?” He also implies that the woman isn’t hot enough for him to sleep with. LOL. Mimi, again proving how naive she is, says that she doesn’t know of any women who runs around claiming to sleep with men that they didn’t sleep with. She tells him that he needs to check his bitches because they ain’t running shit. Stevie: “This your thing, baby.” Mimi: “You got to stop this bullshit, because I can’t take much more.” ::rolleyes::

Joseline meets with her next-door neighbor, who happens to be her “best friend,” to tell him that she is pregnant. Someone should have sat him down with an acting coach to better perfect his reaction. I thought I was watching Single Ladies for a minute. #Shade Ruben (her neighbor) wants to know if Joseline loves Stevie, and she says that she does. She has that love women get for a man who takes them out of the strip club, or off the track. He gave her an opportunity, and if it wasn’t for him, she would still be stripping. She says that she was one of six kids and that her mother did drugs for 25 years. She ran away at 12 years old and that she is just glad she ended up in a strip club and not dead.

Sidebar:  It’s clear that Stevie manipulates her by threatening to throw her back into that lifestyle, and honestly, I do feel bad for Joseline in that regard. My thing is, and always will be, that you can’t let your past dictate the way that you treat other people. It’s horrible that she has had to live the life that she has led, but it’s not the fault of the world, it’s the fault of her parents.  

At the end of the conversation, it’s obvious that Joseline has decided to have an abortion. She tells her friend that she is just going to do what she has to do.

Scrappy got two little boxes on his bed that he is filling up with clothes to take to his new spot. Erica tells him that she has been keeping something from him, because she didn’t know how he was going to take it.

It went a little something like…

Erica: “I met Stevie J.”

Scrappy: “I heard a lot about him.”

Erica: “Well, he came over to the table and demanded that Mimi give him a kiss.”

Scrappy: “She wouldn’t give him no kiss?”

Erica: “Nope.”

Scrappy: “She wouldn’t kiss him?”

Erica: “Nope.”

Scrappy: “Why wouldn’t she give him a kiss?”

Damn, Scrappy, can she tell the story?

Erica: “He called me a bitch.”

Scrappy: “What? Did he know you before this?” (What difference does that make?)

Erica: “Nope.”

Scrappy: “ Shawty, hell naw! We gon get a apology. Shawty. We gon get more than that, Shawty. You feel me? But… you know, I’m on probation right?”

OK, that is not at all verbatim, but mostly how I remember the conversation!

K. Michelle goes to Ariane’s place to get her “true opinion,” on what she thought of the showcase. What else is she going to say other than you did well? The real purpose of the visit is to discuss Karlie Redd’s messy ass. The night of the showcase, Karlie went up to K. Michelle’s producer and told him that he was messing with the wrong artist.

K. Michelle, in confessionals: “The last time I checked, no one is throwing out record deals to 50-year-old artists who don’t even have a Wikipedia page. Walking around here with a deflated ass cheek, she needs to deal with that shit first!” BITCH, YOU AINT’ GOT NO WIKIPEDIA PAGE?

 K. Michelle goes to meet with Jeff Robinson, who is a music manager who has worked with everyone from Tyrese to Alicia Keys.  She wants to know what she needs to move forward and Jeff is straight with her. He tells her that one of Jive Records former employees came to his office and told him that she was crazier than a bag of hammers. (Just how crazy IS a bag of hammers?) He tells her that her record deal was her opportunity to build something and, to the world, it looks as if she failed. KM says that it’s not fair and starts to cry and shit, whatever. She says that she messed up and should have kept her Hot Pocket closed. Jeff just wants her to understand how it happened and to learn from it. She tells him that she needs him to manage her. He says that she can always ask him for advice, but he has to keep it real. If they are going to work together, she has to take responsibility for herself and her brand. Girl, he does not want to work with you.

The show wraps up with the Mimi/Stevie/Joseline drama, as usual.

Joseline invites Mimi to meet her so she can tell her that she’s pregnant with Stevie’s baby. Getting straight to the point, Joseline tells Mimi that that time back in December, when Stevie stop coming home (a period of 3 months) it’s because he was with her. Joseline: “I know who baby I have in my stomach, and you know, too.” In confessionals, Mimi says that she is disgusted, but she’s not going to lose her cool because that’s what Joseline wanted. She tells Joseline that she knows what she is dealing with when it comes to Stevie, and… wait for it… “I am not fool.” ::sideeye:: ::smirk::

Mimi: “As far as you are concerned, you are a stripper. Do you even know who you are pregnant by?

Joseline: “I’m pregnant by your man.”

Mimi: “He pulled you out of the strip club.”

::Joseline gets a text::

Joseline: “This him texting me right now.”

Mimi: “Tell him to come up here.”

::Stevie walks in two seconds later:: (I mean, come on, you know he was on standby.)

Stevie: “What you letting her know?”

Mimi: “She tells me she’s pregnant by you.”

Stevie: “Is that what she said?”

::Stevie pulls pregnancy test out of pocket:: (The FUCK?)

Mimi (in confessionals): Who the fuck carries around the next chicks pregnancy test in their pocket?

Mimi: “When was the last time y’all fucked?”

Joseline:  “5 days ago.”

Stevie: “A month ago.”

Mimi: “If it was a month ago, it could be your baby.”

Mimi (in confessional): “You’re sloppy. You fucked this bitch raw, and then you want to come home and lay down with me?” Yea, you simple broad, that’s exactly what he wants to do and that’s what you ALLOW him to do.

::Mimi gets up::

Mimi: “Good luck with your baby.”

Stevie: “Where you going?”

Stevie says that she, er I mean, HE, is glad that she left because this was a conversation that he and Joseline needed to have first. You know, to get their stories straight.

The rest of the segment just devolves into them yelling at each other, Joseline throwing drinks, and pushing. Stevie pulls that, “I own you shit,” and tells her that he has papers on her for the rest of her life and that he is going to send her back to the strip club and that he gave her life. Blah blah blah.

Joseline, “I tire of you controlling me.”

Joseline says that Stevie always threatens to send her back to the strip club when he gets mad at her, but he can’t send her back to the strip club because she’s not going back. She calls Stevie a fucking piece of shit and he tells her to watch her mouth. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore, and he said that she will never be finished talking to him and to understand that and to watch how she speaks to him.

Stevie: “You look nice by the way.”

Seriously? Bitches fall for this bullshit? I bet he got hoes, right now, lining up to fuck him and be treated like a piece of dog shit. Ugh.

Next week’s episode shows the confrontation between Scrappy and Stevie, and I can’t wait. I want to see if Stevie is as quick to step to men as he is to step to women. I somehow doubt it…

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My Favorite Basketball Wives Season 4, Reunion Reviews

Here is a collection of my favorite Basketball Wives, Season 4 Reviews from YouTube. If you like what you see, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to these up and coming youtubers and be sure to let them know that @DeAnnaMisrahi sent ya!

Be forewarned, there is a fair amount of profanity in the videos below, so keep that in mind BEFORE watching.

My favorite part of the video below starts at 10:30 where   tells us what Tami was REALLY saying when she was attempting to explain her actions to Kesha.

This next video is by . She’s from across the pond, and it is just really interesting to hear someone’s take who isn’t quite as immersed in American culture as we Americans are. Also, she was the closest thing to a deferring opinion I’ve found on the subjects of Tami/Kesha Ev/Jennifer. I don’t agree 100% with her take, but quite enjoyed her spirit! Besides, we all know that when a Brit discusses something, it automatically sounds 10x classier. lol. Oh, and I don’t think she used any profanity, so you are safe on that front.

This next YouTuber, AshleyMiller1987, always keepz it all the way realz with her reviews.

This is the first time I’ve watched a video by , but I was very entertained!


I am still waiting for to upload their video with their little BBW Reunion recap. This space is reserved for them!

Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 7 Episode 17: Monkey Business Review/Recap

This recap is for Season 7, Episode 17 of Real Housewives of Orange County.

After recapping the end of last week’s episode, where the ladies staged a failed narcissism/pretentiousism/fakism intervention on Alexis, we pick up this week’s episode with Alexis, still at the table, wiping away tears as she states that she never talks badly about Tamra, to anyone, and that Terry tells her about the things that Tamra says behind her back. (I admit, I’m kind of lost here. When did Terry –I finally realize that that is Dr. Dubrow’s first name– and Alexis become BFF’s? It seems to me that the men on these shows are becoming as messy as the women are.) Alexis makes me LOL when she asks if Tamra thinks she is somehow “real” because she has had her implants removed. She didn’t ask her this to her face, mind you, but it is funny nonetheless. Vicki says something awfully introspective, for her, and states that they should leave Alexis alone because they are all phony and superficial to a degree. Bravo, Vicki!

It is immensely upsetting to Alexis that Gretchen is not just blindly coming out in her defense.  I understand it being difficult to accept what is being said, in that moment, when you feel as if you are under attack; but do you really hold a grudge against someone who is honestly expressing how they feel? Gretchen’s suggestion to the women is that they tell Alexis, up front, when she says something that puts them off. While that may be the most mature way to deal with it, I have a feeling that if they did that, they would be interrupting her every other sentence.

Eventually, Alexis has enough and excuses herself from the table, and goes back to her room, at which point the women commence to patting themselves on the back for a job well done. It pains me to say, Vicki is right, once again, when she says that they are not going to change who they are and that they should just accept each other. I think she should have added, “or don’t,” because that really is an option.  Maybe they are forced to be acquaintances for the sake of the show, but perhaps behind the scenes, that should be spelled out so that there are no surprises. But, then again, would that make for good TV?

After the women comfort Gretchen, and ensures her that she has been a great friend, she gets the strength to go after Alexis. She is dismayed when Alexis won’t let her into her room for round 2, or 3, or whatever it is at this point. “This is too hard on me!” Gretchen says. “What about me?” Alexis wonders? Alas, since Alexis is not up to speaking with Gretchen, Gretchen flees back to the women, and they comfort her some more.

At least what they are being fed looks yummilicious.

Alexis’s new BFF, Vicki takes her her lobster and talks Alexis into letting her stay and speak with her. After all, they have something in common! Tamra and the gals have justifiably gained up on her in the past! Vicki goes on to say, in confessional, what many people say anytime you have something negative to say about someone who is attractive, “they are jealous because she’s hawt!” Seriously? Is that what she is taking away from all of this? Maybe Vicki is jealous, actually, I am sure Vickis jealous, but all of the other women are very attractive in their own right. And, even if they were not, just because you criticize someone who is attractive, it doesn’t mean that you are doing it because you are jealous of their looks. Do I have to say it? Being attractive does not make one infallible. It does seem to give them a “Get out of jail free” card with many, however.

Alexis followed through on her word to leave early, but before she stages her Escape from Paradise, Heather drops by to see her. Alexis is short with her and Heather tells her that she hated to see her upset and bla bla bla and some more stuff. Alexis also goes to the beach, making sure to thank Vicki, in front of Gretchen, on the ride over. While having glasses of “champs,” a raccoon happens upon the women and Gretchen and Alexis find a moment to have a chat off to the side. Gretchen explains how hurt she was that Alexis allowed Vicki in, but would not allow her in. Alexis says that Vicki barged in, and she really had no choice, and then goes on to criticize Gretchen for making the conversation all about her, but says nothing about Vicki doing the same thing. Then, Alexis leaves.

Gretchen is still whining about Alexis not letting her, but letting Vicki, in; but this she’s whining to Vicki and the other women. In confessional, Vicki is bragging over “succeeding” over Gretchen, in regards to Alexis, as if she won some kind of prize. Good grief. Sometimes I feel as if Vicki is one of those people who always wanted to be part of the “popular crowd,” and sat by being envious and spiteful of them because she wasn’t a part of their awesome clique, but the moment one of those popular people paid her any attention, she felt like she was worth a billion bucks. Seriously, I’m over it.

For some reason, Gretechen and Tamra decide to run around molesting Vicki and Heather, the two most uptight women of the bunch. Vicki flees because she must protect her “pink parts” (is anyone else gagging?) And Heather is given a lap dance by Tamra and Gretchen before the two start to rub bums; and Tamra flashes Gretchen her boobies. A squirrel? monkey figures that this must be where the party is, and tries to join in on the fun. Unfortunately, all of the weird screams from the women are unlike any mating call he has ever heard, so he is a bit unsure. Free bananas won him over.

Time to plant trees! The Stinking Toe tree reminds Tamra of Eddie, so she selects that one to plant for him. Heather picks a tree with four leaves, because she has four kids. Vicki wants the tree with the heartiest soul. ::rollseyes:: Vicki asks if they should plant one for Alexis. ::rollseyesharder:: Hey, it’s good for the environment! Vicki is just way too sentimental about this whole thing. She calls it romantic, but then she takes a much darker turn when she mentions that one day, one of them is going to die and it is going to be, like, sad. Is it menopause? She then destroys Alexis’s tree. Fitting.

The at the break outtake is of Tamra joking about Vicki sleeping with Slade. I gag again.

The women decide to go white water rafting. They discuss how nervous they are on the way and freak out when they see the river. Not sure what they thought white water rafting looked like. “If it rains in the boat, will we sink?” Heather wants to know. The prospect of not properly wedging their feet in the boat, to prevent falling out, and the fact that piranhas live in the water, does not deter the women from their goal. They are a’going white water rafting! After they figure out who is getting in the boat first. A bunch of screaming, mostly by Vicki, ensues. It was fun for all! Wait. Is Vicki really crying? Bitch.Stop

Heather is the second one to leave. Wait a minute… I thought she was able to stay the entire trip? You know… because her husband is like, so awesome with handling the kids while she is away. Of course, it’s hard to really tell the order and time these scenes are filmed.

After rafting, I presume since all of their hair is still wet, the three remaining OCers go for beer and food. Vicki is irritated as hell that Gretchen and Tamra are both wearing pink and Tamra squeezes one of Vicki’s tits to calm her down. What is going on? Does going on a trip somehow mean GIRLS GONE WILD! Vicki doesn’t have on a bra, so she asks Tamra to stop.  Somehow we (Vicki) start talking about Donn. She says he is going to be sad without her. Personally, I that think Don is going to be fine. Isn’t he the one going to sex clubs? Vicki says that she would go back, if Donn wanted her. I know that makes Brooks feels, like, all kinds of awesome. She backpedals a bit on that comment, perhaps thinking about Brooks a second or two too late. She then talks about her next source of pain – Brianna and her elopement. You know, more, woe is me stuff.

All in all, this week’s episode ends relatively drama-free.

Next week’s sneak peek takes us back to the OC and the episode starts off with Vicki and Brooks at the dentist. Vicki is getting him some new teeths! Well, I am sure he is paying for it. Right… Vicki is literally all up in Brooks grill, pointing out all of the things she would like to see fixed.

Sneak Peek 2 is of Tamra and Eddie at dinner. Tamra is filling Eddie in on the trip to Costa Rica and Eddie surprises her with a trip he has planned Tahiti. (Yes. I am having Basketball Wives flashbacks.) Tamra feels like Eddie has something up his sleeve and I am sure if she is right, she’ll do a great job of pretending to be surprised.

Sneak Peek 3 is of Alexis, desperately trying to recover from the mental and verbal beat down she suffered on her 1.5 day trip to Costa Rica. The show must go on, however, and she has to put on a brave face for her Fox 5 segments. This woman would truly buckle under the stress of any REAL problems. I will say that it looks as if Alexis Is getting better at this whole “on camera” thing. I will still have fun with my Alexis Bellino, True Journalist Series, however!

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Basketball Wives Season 4 Finale Review

(I use profanity, so if you are offended by such language, turn back now.)

The season finale of Basketball Wives, Season 4, aired Monday, May 28, 2012 and I will add my voice to the chorus of those screaming, “FINALLY!”

This season has been a complete roller coaster ride from start to finish, and in the end it turned out to be the most insane  season of the entire franchise, including Basketball Wives LA featuring crazy ass Jackie Christie. This season was so ridiculous that Shaunie O’Neal felt the need to tack on to the end of Monday night’s episode that she is “worried” about people (especially black people) looking at her as if she is a hot ghetto mess. Sorry, Shaunie, you can’t unring that bell, baby doll. It has already been heard around the world.

Throughout the season, we’ve seen Shaunie act as if she is window dressing; or, perhaps, she was just watching the drama “live.” You know, as if it was a sporting event.

Shaunie: “Alcoholic beverage? CHECK. Food? CHECK. Alrightie, I’m ready for action! Oh, hell no, is that a wine bottle flying at my head? It’s all good. Are the ratings going up?”

So now for her to want to try to save face and say that she is bothered by how she is being perceived, it just reads as disingenuous. We all know that if the show had not gotten this kind of backlash, we would have never seen that scene with her pastor at the end. If she was as bothered by what was going on, she could have said something at the time. She would have put an end to it AT THE TIME. Not to mention that she’s an executive producer, I can’t imagine she didn’t know that these scenes were going to be shown and that she had no ability to try to play down the drama so it didn’t look at as bad as it did.. She probably thought that the drama would just make the show more popular, not encourage people to organize boycotts. Oops! I guess that gamble didn’t pay off. Your bad.

But, that’s enough on Shaunie for now. The season finale of Basketball Wives starts where last weeks episode left off. In Tahiti, a place that many would refer to as paradise, and all these “women” can do is argue and be ugly. Really? I guess it’s now a theme with these reality shows in general, especially the “Wives” shows, that there will be a major blow up and/or fight while on vacation. Basketball Wives had to outdo them all, however, and have no less than three different confrontations on their “vacation.” Some people even had multiple confrontations, ie Evelyn/Jen, Tami/Kesha; although Kesha’s was more a batterer/batteree situation.

So on this episode, we pick up with Evelyn going off about Jen, and how she’s no Barbie Doll and that her entire existence is a lie. “Give me a lie detecta test!” Bla bla bla. Kenya, Shaunie and Tami are standing there watching the tirade, and I guess Shaunie got bored or something, because she goes after Jen to talk to her. “Good,” I think. “She is being a good friend and wants to make sure that Jen is OK. Maybe she isn’t so bad aftera- Wait, what? Oh, it’s all Jen’s fault? Nevermind.”

Meanwhile, Kenya is attempting to be the voice of reason and speak to Evelyn as if she isn’t a belligerent hoodrat who wouldn’t know common sense if it smacked her in the face with one of those dead fish they left in Kenya’s room. This goes over about as well as a fat Chippendale and Evelyn simply does not want to hear it.

Jen tells Shaunie that she is over the drama. All of the tit for tat (or twit for twat?) back and forth BS they have going on (via Twitter and elsewhere) is old and tired. Shaunie is still insisting that it is all on Jen to stop doing whatever it is she is doing to upset Evelyn – because Shaunie clearly doesn’t know what that is. She just wants Jen to come out and make her ratings good speak to Evelyn in a cool, calm and collected manner.

Wait… what the? Oh god, is Evelyn crying? Really? Seriously? But, for real, for real? Aww, that’s right, go on over there and console your friend, Tami. ::rollseyes:: Bitch, please.

Sidebar: It has been clear all season whose side Tami and Shaunie are on in this Jen vs Ev showdown. They both claim that they are still friends with Jen and have no problem with her, but they’ve been making snide remarks (BEHIND HER BACK – I’m looking at you TAMI) about her all season. Are they salty because she has other friends now? I don’t know, nor do I care, I just wish that they would keep it real and say that they are Team Evelyn because they aren’t fooling anybody at this point.

In the end, Jen tells Shaunie that she doesn’t like that Evelyn always needs an audience to speak with her. I agree. What’s up with that?

So now the…. girls (I can’t call them women, nor ladies, because they act like neither, at the same time I feel ridiculous calling women in their 40’s “girls” but they just haven’t earned more respect than that.) So, now the girls are having lunch and Tami lights up as Shaunie walks over to the table because she can smell the drama oozing from her pores. Shaunie tells Evelyn that Jen is willing to talk to her one on one and that she thinks that Jen is scared of what Evelyn is going to say publicly. No, really? Do these women realize that generally people don’t hear these kinds of private conversations? You know, because they are private?

Shaunie says she has a feeling that this is going to get uglier. HELLO EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, maybe you can do something before it gets to that point? Maybe? No? OK.

Suzie hooks up with the other infantile females for dinner after spending the day recovering from a bug biting her eyelid. I’m going to call that karma. She is as clueless as ever as to why Jen doesn’t want to come out of the room and hang out with the group. Suzie is so stupid that I don’t even know if I can even bother being mad at her anymore. I keep thinking that maybe she is just playing dumb, but I don’t know anymore. I think she may have had a few braincells fucked out of her at some point, because otherwise I just don’t get it. At this point, the children can’t help but to make fun of Kenya and the fish one last time. I am just glad that Kenya didn’t give them the reaction they were so desperate for. She never mentioned it and there is nothing they can do about it. Ha. Suck on that!

Karma hits Tami next by way of a bird pooping on her. The toddlers are having a nice laugh about it when, next thing we know, Town Crier Suzie yells out, “She’s coming!” as Jen exits her room. Jen decided, after gathering her thoughts, that she would go out to speak with everyone. So much for that 1 on 1 thing.

Evelyn feels the need to remind Jen again, that everything is her fault. Jen wants to know if they are still talking about the drama in Italy. Evelyn said it was a “chained of events” that occurred and she doesn’t like when Jen does interviews.

Sidebar: I will say this, I do think that Jen plays innocent and dumb and acts as if she doesn’t know what Evelyn is talking about. The whole “I don’t write all my blogs” thing is a cop out. Anytime you put your name on something, you had better know what it is being associated with. (I didn’t go for that when Ron Paul said it about his newsletter, and I don’t go for it here.) A part of me can understand why that would be frustrating to Evelyn, because it would frustrate me. The problem is that Evelyn takes her reactions to the extreme and it’s hard to defend her after that.

Evelyn then goes on to talk about how Jen did an interview after Nya, or Nia, whatever, slapped her. Jen denies doing an interview, and this is where things start to resemble tag wrestling in that Tami has to jump in to tell Jen she is lying because she is friends with the owner of Sister 2 Sister magazine (Jamie Foster Brown) and that she was told that Jen gave her an interview. Tami herself, Queen Almighty, read the actual transcript! Jen says they had a “conversation,” and it wasn’t an interview. Again, I’m a little iffy on what Jen is willing to own up to so I think the truth is that she gave the interview but has convinced herself it was an innocent conversation.

Evelyn drags ol’ lispy into the conversation saying that she knows what’s really real with Jen. Bla bla bla. We have a flashback to the whole Vegas thing – the thing that Evelyn deemed so backstabby that she had to kick Suzie out of “the circle,” but yet just a few moments later, she does the same thing to Jen when mentioning her screwing a guy without a condom – in Vegas! Really?

Tami and Evelyn are truly cut from the same cloth, which I guess is why Tami has been so able to get over Ev fucking her man. They are both loud mouth, belligerent hypocrites who expect people to live by rules they themselves do not live by. Who died and made them ruler of the universe?

So, after Evelyn and Jen go back and forth about who is the biggest hoe, (I call it Kim and Marlo 2.0) Evelyn allows the other women to speak.

Tami – “I’m offended that you weren’t here, then you get here and stay in your room.” Who cares what you are offended by, Tami? I’m starting to think this bitch has bipolar because delusions of grandiosity fits the bill with her.

Evelyn calls Jen the “new” Non-MFing factor and dismisses her from the conversation.

Sidebar: I find it interesting that they are playing a song about “Playing the Victim” in the background. I can’t tell if they mean for it to apply to Evelyn or Jen. Perhaps it’s both, but honestly Evelyn acts like her hands are totally clean in all of this drama and it is beyond old.

Some more stuff happened before they left Tahiti but, I’m just going to fast forward pass most of it because this is long enough already. In the end, Jen and Kenya decided to leave early. Slimy Suzie sees them leaving, but she just hides beneath the water like the sneaky snake that she is.

At the dinner before leaving Tahiti, Evelyn gives the remaining women her little makeup kit and Tami throws all kinds of shade on Jen for having only 4… uh,  shades of lip gloss. They cry and try to pretend as if they actually all have hearts. Whatever.

Back in Miami

Royce meets up with Tami for lunch and confronts her about how she attacked Kesha while in Tahiti. Tami is just absolutely incensed that anyone would dare tell her that she was wrong for her actions. So much so that she doesn’t think she can be friends with Royce anymore. Yo, Tami – you were wrong. Period. REAL friends tell you when you fuck up. Period. You clearly have never had a real friend so you don’t know what that looks like – Royce was being a real friend and telling you TO YOUR FACE that you fucked up. Not behind your back, not on the twitter, not during a radio interview, but to your face. Isn’t that what you “respect?”

Royce simply says that she can’t defend Tami’s actions and, at this point, Tami still can’t own up to anything she did to Kesha. Not the stealing of her property (she left it on the seat, so I took it). Not the cussing Kesha out “like a dog for 30 minutes.” None of it. Tami still insists that Kesha did something horrible to her, but I’ve yet to see or read about what it was. Her grand lesson in all of this, at the time, is that she should not have gone off on her because she is pitiful and meek. In the end, according to Tami, Kesha should know that she can’t take what Tami says “in anger” and “run with it.” She should be able to read her mind and know when she is just being belligerent to be belligerent and when she is being belligerent with merit. Good luck with that, Kesha.

Sidebar: Apparently Tami went on the Wendy Williams show to cry about how sorry she is for her behavior. I don’t buy it and I hope people don’t fall for it. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for people making amends when I think they are genuine. What Tami is worried about now is that she won’t have a paycheck next year. I promise you if people would not have reacted the way that they did to her tirades, she would not be owning up to anything. In all of the conversations she had on camera, after the incident, not once did she act as if she truly was sorry for her actions. Only now she has seen the error of her ways. Bitch, please. Go somewhere and get your head shrunk. You desperately need it.

So, now it’s time for “the smallest group dinner” they’ve ever had with just Suzie, Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie. They’ve battered and abused the rest of the cast the entire season, so I don’t know what they expected. Evelyn muses about her pending nuptials and says she has changed her mind on having a baby. (Will she change her mind on having a wedding next?) Tami has decided that she is moving back to Los Angeles so she can be hands on with her daughters’ careers. I’m sorry Tami’s Daughters, we can’t help who we are born to. (Does this mean that Tami will be on Basketball Wives LA next season? Yea, I can totally see her trying to rehab her image over there, and “starting over” and a bunch of pretentious behavior going on. More therapy sessions!)

As I mentioned earlier, Shaunie met with her Pastor in a totally organic and natural scene where she is seeking his advice on her future. Pastor asks if she is willing to leave some of the women behind, and Shaunie says that she is. Whatever.

Before the scene with the pastor, we are treated to Shaunie with her kids. I guess she is supposed to look soft and mothering, but suddenly I feel as if she may be running for office because she is shamelessly using her children in much the way that Sarah Palin used her kids during the 2008 election.

Next week is the reunion and, from the previews, it seems like it’s just going to be a bunch of BS to try to rehab the image of the show. They don’t get that nothing they do will change people’s mind because it’s not that they, themselves, decided they needed to change, they are being FORCED to change in order to save their jobs. Who am I kidding? I will still be watching – and so will you! See you next week.

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